Thursday, December 08, 2005

Who's With Stupid?

I look forward, every morning, to my Writer's Almanac from Garrison Keillor. It is absolutely packed with info every scribe's sure to love. This morning, I had the joy of discovering that today is Ann Coulter's birthday! Yipee-skipee-skidoo!!!

I'm sure somebody is friggin' charmed by Ann Coulter. I guess they must be; people buy her books in skads. I simply find it impossible to understand the fascination.

Why is America so enamored of people who say stupid things? What does it say about us, as a people, that the lunatic ravings of an Ann Coulter or a Michael Savage attract such lavish attention? (At this point in the young life of my Blog, probably all of ten people regularly read it. But there's no bitterness here...)

Now, seriously, folks. Why is it so hard for people with something intelligent to say to win a hearing, while the sort of cretinous potty-dribble of a Coulter, a Savage or a Hannity spreads its plague far and wide?

Notice, please, that I'm not calling them stupid -- every one of these hucksters is crazy like a fox. I find it impossible to believe they could have risen to positions of such prominence (Ann Coulter, for example, is a lawyer, and many of these asshats are duly-elected public officials) if they were capable of believing the dreck they spew.

If Trent Lott truly believed that homosexuality was psycologically akin to alcoholism and kleptomania, the old boy would never have been sharp enough to get elected dogcatcher. If Doctor Tom Coburn honestly thought that his precious daughter dared not go into a public bathroom for fear of being assaulted by a horde of lust-inflamed lesbians, he certainly never would have been smart enough even to be admitted to med school -- much less to hoodwink enough people to vote for him to get elected to the Senate.

That's what's so bone-chilling about these people. THEY KNOW BETTER. Make absolutely no mistake about it, they themselves know better than to believe a single word of their propaganda. THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT THEY ARE LYING -- and they're laughing at all those bozos who line up at the bookstores to buy their neatly-packaged toxic waste. They're laughing all the way to the bank.

But the things these people say are hardly harmless. They want to change the Constitution by writing millions of Americans out of it. They are hyper-pumping up continued, fanatically-irrational support for a war in which thousands on both sides have already been slaughtered without a lick of either accountability or sense from their Commander in Chief. And they inject the venom into those who commit crimes of hate against other human beings -- all because these sick souls have been told that certain groups of people are evil.

I'll tell you who's evil: it's people who tell lies and say ugly, stupid things for fun and profit. But nobody's forcing the public to buy into what's going on. I simply choose not to be one of the suckers. Who will join me in helping to clean up the American mind? Who's with me -- and who's with Stupid?


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