Sunday, January 15, 2006

Noodles the Poodle -- Another Blog-Reading Must

For some months now, I have been a serious fan of doggy-blogger Noodles the Poodle. He's cute, he's witty and he has a certain debonair charm. Can't spell worth beans, but what the hell -- he can type! Even my own George Washington Schnoodle has yet to master that.

You can find Noodles at

I don't know if Noodles is a Lutheran (he's French, so I guess he's a Catholic). He certainly can't be a lesbian. And, judging from the few comments he's posted about politics, he's gotta be a liberal Democrat. So what has he got to do with Born on 911? He's just adorable, that's all. Plus, I like almost everybody from Chicago.

As time goes by, I will bless my few, loyal and hardy readers by sharing with them my eclectic tastes.


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