Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do the Vets Offer Hope at Home?

On, today's Blog of Note is Chasing Ghosts: An Iraq War veteran, and still a member of the National Guard, Paul Rieckhoff is serving his country in a variety of ways.

This is someone who, like others of his generation, probably won't buy into the bullshit their elders are selling America. Read his blog. He's learned more about life in just a few years than many Americans learn their whole lives.

As he points out, more Americans are concerned about the day-to-day fluctuations of gas prices, or who's winning on American Idol, than they are about the thousands of youngsters we've sent over to Iraq and Afghanistan to be maimed or killed.

Not to mention the Iraqis and Afghanis we've "liberated" by slaughtering like animals.

Now, once again, a marriage amendment is being debated. We hang out our flags and pretend to cheer those serving our country even as we shit on the graves of those who have died defending our way of life. If this "amendment" passes, that is exactly what we will be doing.

I believe the current generation of vets will come home ready to kick ass and take names. They will not accept the "moral leadership" of cowards who talk macho to the public after having ditched combat duty themselves. Nor will they allow our Constitution to be shredded by the phonies peddling quack cures for all that ails us.

If we want to pinpoint who's really responsible for our country's moral decay, we need look no farther than the good, hetero moralists of Red America. These vile and filthy people can't keep their promises to each other, can't keep their pants on, can't keep their hands off of their own children and want to blame it all on gays. How disgusting.

Here's a suggestion to all the bigots infesting our otherwise-decent Red states: PHYSICIANS, HEAL THYSELVES. Get your own divorce-rate under control, stop molesting your kids (or ripping them, yet unborn, out of the womb), and THEN come wag your fingers in my face and lecture me about my "lifestyle."

I can't wait for the lot of you to die off so your kids can take over.


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