Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's a NOVEL, Folks!

I am concerned -- no, make that downright worried -- that there's been such an increase in worldwide nuttiness because of The Da Vinci Code.

People, it's friggin' FICTION. It's a NOVEL, not an expert treatise on Scripture or Christian history.

Many liberal Christians are, predictably, falling into a swoon over it. "Maybe Jesus was married," they titter. "Maybe He had children." Yeah, and just maybe He was a Cubs fan. The team has been around for just about that long, and I think at least a few of the apostles were still alive the last time they won a World Series.

Get a grip, everybody. From what I've heard, it's an interesting story, but that's all it is: a story. Do I personally plan to read it? No.

Why not? Because I find it in something worse than merely poor taste to use a Man millions of people believe to be God Incarnate as nothing more than a handy-dandy historical figure to star in a spinoff of reality. I, too, believe that Jesus is God Incarnate. If I was willing to stop watching South Park because I disapproved of the way Jesus was treated on the show, why the heck would I want to pay perfectly good money to support an author who treats the Lord of Lords and King of Kings no better than Joe Average Anybody?

On a separate note, somebody claiming to be the Messiah has found this Blog. If you read what Scripture has to say about the End of Days, it predicts an increase in this sort of thing. People are literally coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be the Messiah. But we don't need to run after them. We've known who the Messiah is for twenty centuries now.

I'm going to pray for this guy, because the scary thing about it is that he may actually believe the stuff he's saying. Jesus loves him, too, and wants to be his Lord. If you run across somebody who tells you he (or she) is the Savior, point the way to Christ. Not everybody will listen, but there's no end to the wonders prayer can work.

Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene? If He had been, there's no real reason why the Bible wouldn't have simply come right out and said so. All those dark and nefarious forces, supposedly so hard at work under the catacombs or wherever the heck else back in the early centuries of the Church, would have had to have been busier than the Keebler elves, not to mention more magical, in order to pull off everything that's claimed about them.

Christians believe in the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised us that His Spirit would guide us through the centuries, and this is not a belief to be taken lightly. If the Christian faith is true, then we have been protected from doctrinal corruptions, much the same way as the ozone layer has been a shield against meteors and other debris from outer space.

Outer space, incidentally, is where most of the current notions about Christian history seem to have come from. Put on your tinfoil hats, if it makes you feel better. But for real results, by all means, pray.


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