Wednesday, May 27, 2009

California Secedes From the Union

Now that the California Supreme Court has ruled to uphold Proposition 8, it is official: they don't want the United States of America anymore. They have rejected the U.S. Constitution, once and for all.

The rights of ALL Americans are guaranteed under the United States Constitution. It says NOTHING about the people's basic rights being subject to the whims of the voters. What this ruling by the California Supreme Court does is establish a new precedent. Now the rights of ANY minority group can be restricted by a voting majority.

Our Founders must be spinning in their graves. This wacky ruling basically nullifies the very principle of equality under the law. We are now, if we are members of ANY minority, officially separate and unequal.

We didn't need the Nazis or the Soviets to take us over. We did this to ourselves. Did none of those who voted in that election realize they were voting on whether they wanted to keep the U.S. Constitution -- or scrap it?

If ANYONE'S rights are threatened, EVERYONE'S rights are in doubt. I thought we had already learned this. The California Supreme Court's ruling imperils the very possibility of equal rights, and equal protection under the law, in this country.

This is a dark week for America. The very survival of the United States, as we have known and loved it for over two hundred years, is now endangered.

How can they put the genie back in the bottle? I have no idea whether it is even possible.

Of course the measure will go back on the ballot in California. The people there will, one way or another, be participating in mob rule. Congratulations, California Supremes. You have accomplished what the Nazis and the Soviets were never able to do.

If the mob really wants to restore the U.S. Constitution, it will vote not only to repeal Proposition Hate but to impeach every state "justice" who ruled to overthrow the supreme law of the land.



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