Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam..."

Even armed with state-of-the-art filtering software, every day I find my email inbox cluttered with spam. Increasingly, not only in the "Spam" box, but in my regular inbox. It is as if Yahoo has been bombarded with so much of it, it is getting too exhausted to put it in its proper place.

Surfing the Internet, I find myself, more and more, playing Whack-a-Mole with advertising pop-ups. There are some sites I will no longer even visit because I know how bad the harrassment will be.

The desperation of the sales pitches -- the sheer, hysterical aggressiveness of them -- is unnerving. With all the dollars concentated so heavily, now, at the top, those underneath must scratch and scramble for every loose penny simply to survive. This is worse than degrading; it is insane.

Is it any wonder that, to some of the Fourteenth-Century dwellers in the Middle East, modernity seems like a scary thing?

What makes the situation worse, for nine-tenths of humankind on this planet, is that the richest ten percent "must" take so much more than it needs, or even knows what to do with. The entire situation is totally unsustainable. And it is long since past time for the ninety percent to take control.

Global warming, ozone depletion, famine, flooding, terrorism and war will only increase if this is not done. We are now getting only a tiny, frightening, peek-between-the-fingers glimpse at the Apocalypse to come.

Perhaps most troubling of all is the fact that those who claim to be trying to save us from that Apocalypse -- the rabidly, reactionarily religious of every sort -- are actually those who are cooperating the most slavishly with the forces bringing it all on. Because of terrorism, we're told we need to wage an endless "war on terror." Which only leads to more terrorism in reaction. Those who claim, in the "Christian" West, to be battling against the Antichrist -- in whatever sense they see this conflict taking shape -- actually are antichrists, themselves.

No matter how many teabaggy tantrums these people throw, the rest of us are now beginning to recognize this. Their increasingly-desperate political propaganda is no more substantive -- and contains no more truth -- than most of the spam-scams that daily clog our email inboxes.

It is time for us to hit the "delete" button on them all.


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