Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to Basics Concerning God

The libertarian blogosphere is full of angry young people -- most of them men -- who diss religious folks and talk trash about God. They spell "His" name "god," no doubt thinking they are being daring. What a lot of pathetic little children they really are.

I'm going to be very clear with you. I will not mince words. Every human being who has ever lived beyond infancy, everywhere in the world and at every time in history, has been faced with one primary choice: to accept God or to reject "Him." Every other choice we will ever make is subordinate to that one, and entirely dependent upon it. There are people who reject God and are honest about it, and there are many, many more who do so and then retreat, in their cowardice, to lies.

Either we were created, and are sustained with every breath we take and each beat of our hearts, by God, or we were not. There is no third option. I choose to acknowledge God, to seek "Him" in relationship, and to thank "Him" for every breath I take and for each beat of my heart. It is a conscious choice, one nobody else could make for me, and whatever else my life may come to, it is the one choice I had to make. Someday I will stand before God, and whatever else "He" will say about me, at the very least "He" will be able to say it to somebody who knows "Him."

Someday those who reject God will also have to stand before "Him." Whatever else they may be able to say about themselves and the lives they've led, they will say it to a Stranger. They will, at that point, be well beyond spelling "His" name with a lower-case "g" and being cute about it. They will be terrified as they have never been. And their terror and loneliness and despair will last forever.

Don't tell me you're gay and people in the Church have been mean to you, so you can't believe in God. That is cowardice, plain and simple -- and dishonesty, besides. There is no sin in being gay, if that is how God made you. But if you believe that how God made you is more important than God "Himself," then you have, indeed, committed the crime against God Paul details in Romans Chapter One. You have exchanged the truth for a lie.

I think that "ex-gay" ministries are a sham and a scam. They pretend to serve God, even as they insult "Him." But I would run right into the arms of Exodus or whatever other "ex-gay" group presented itself to me before I would reject God. There is no relationship, in all the world, that I would choose over relationship with God.

Go back to church and at least give an honest listen to what you hear there. If there are churches you find false, then get yourself to a true one. I think Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are liars. But Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are not God. They, and a great many of their followers, may very well confuse them for God. But that is a mistake I will never make.

An old saying has it that "there are no atheists in a foxhole." I believe every so-called atheist is a liar and a cheat. At least, however, they are less cowardly than agnostics, who want to play it both ways. An agnostic is afraid to hedge his bets by committing to atheism, but too selfish to give God a chance. In all the world, there is nobody more contemptible.

From time to time, I will continue to recommend libertarian blogs on this Blog. When I do, I am recommending their political point of view, rather than their religious beliefs or the lack thereof. I created this Blog specifically as a forum for my political views. But as I am a person of religious faith, don't be surprised when, from time to time, I express a religious opinion.

Don't wait until the end of your life to consider pledging your allegiance to God. I believe in God because Jesus Christ has helped me come to know "Him." No matter how foolish many so-called Christians may be, I refuse to let anyone come between Jesus and me. Nobody can run you away from God if you refuse to let them. And those who try, no matter how "Christian" they may consider themselves, will face God's everlasting wrath.

I prefer to let them face that wrath all by themselves.


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