Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Camel's Nose Under the Tent

Well, first of all, I must say we might want to re-think our opinion, here in America, of the French as "cheese eating surrender monkeys." It seems they are growing a backbone.

Not only did my favorite tennis player recently declare her willingness to die on the court if necessary to win the Aussie Open (Amelie Mauresmo won by default because of Justine Henin-Hardenne's tummyache, though the reason for her victory -- for which I have have been waiting since, it seems like, the Ice Age, is neither here nor there), but the French media is standing up to the Islamist thugs. They are going ahead and printing the supposedly-offensive Danish cartoons!

See 1211981.ece.

The Norwegians have also run them, which, I guess, explains why they, too have made the Jihadists' shit-list. See 1211932.ece.

Eivind Smith, Professor of Public Law at the University of Oslo, "believes it is important that any future tightening of the law favors human rights rather than religion." He sums it all up by saying that it's insults against humans he thinks the State should guard against, and not God, who can defend Himself.

I hate to tell these good people, but the proverbial camel's nose got under the tent when they started trying to protect every thin-skinned person in Norway from getting their feelings hurt. The fact that I actually agree with the Islamist thugs that it is infinitely worse to insult God than to insult other people is strictly beside the point here.

There is simply no accounting for what might piss EVERYBODY off. Which means that only certain, specially-handpicked groups get to have their complaints heard, while everybody else must simply lump it. We cannot be bothered with complaints from a good many folks, including white, heterosexual males and Christians.

I don't merely want MY rights to be trampled, I don't want ANYBODY'S rights to be trampled. Which is why, other than treating absolutely everybody exactly the same under the law, the State ought to get itself the hell out of the business of playing mommy-kissy-poo to each and every poor soul who ever feels bruised by a simple interaction with other people.


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