Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"We Are Borg..."

Here is one important thing to remember about political discourse:

If you're in the minority, you're not supposed to have emotions.

Especially not if you're a member of an unpopular minority like gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. Someone hostile to our rights will, for example, publicly "report" statistics in a light that provides them with an excuse to oppose us and to imply that we are a threat to society. And when we fight back -- which we (like anybody in such a position) will, at first, be tempted to do with emotion -- they will refuse to reason with us, ignore our arguments no matter how solid, and simply use our emotions against us.

Don't expect those in the majority to be outraged by this. Not even those who claim they support us. THEY would certainly believe they had a right to get angry, if someone tried to pass laws that cheated THEM out of their Constitutional rights and treated them as if they hadn't an iota of human dignity. But never forget that, in their eyes, that is DIFFERENT.

We must do what the vast majority of straight people find next to impossible. We must remain rational, even in the middle of the shit-storm of emotionalism that surrounds almost everything concerning what the government might do to our lives. We live under the tyranny of the majority. They are Borg...they will assimilate -- or destroy.

The question is, how will we get THEM to sit still, listen to reason, and not let their own emotions run away with them? Make absolutely no mistake about it, they believe themselves fully entitled to let their own feelings blow them wherever they take them. No matter who it may hurt. It should be no surprise they don't consider us entitled to our own emotions. A lot of them don't think we're entitled to do anything but die and go to Hell.

I guess the real answer is that we make sure we think before reacting (something I'm not always good at doing, myself). And that when they refuse to listen to reason -- overindulging in the same sort of emotions they refuse to respect in us -- we insist upon holding them to the same standard they wish to impose on us.

I can handle the concept of ALL OF US remaining rational. Man, I can really dig that deal. The only question remaining is: can they?

Nearly every argument (or even a calm conversation) is an admixture of reason and emotion. That's simply because we're made the way we're made. People usually recognize that about themselves -- but refuse to honor it when they see it in those with whom they want to disagree.
But when we're in the minority, and our citizenship is under siege, we must do something your average member of the majority never has to. We must actually attempt to master ourselves.

The Borg, on the Star Trek programs, are horrible largely because they are all rationality and no emotion. Even the "geeks" who often claim they are too smart to get emotional readily recognize that -- which is why they recoil whenever the Borg appear onscreen. And Star Trek is generally best appreciated by geeks, as they themselves proudly admit. The Borg assimilate and dehumanize their victims. They do this by rendering them devoid, not of intellect (which the hive needs), but of emotion, and the individual will that goes along with it.

We have emotions because we are individuals. We have emotions precisely because we are meant to remain individuals, and to stand up for our own, individual selves. If we were nothing but some communitarian collective, then like the Borg, we would need nothing but intellect. One person's " hysterically irrational whining" is another's totally-justified protest. Assimilation would be a horrible fate, indeed.

Tyranny of the majority -- like every other form of tyranny -- destroys not only the subjects, but the rulers. Power without a sense of corresponding responsibility brings out the basest, cruelest and most cowardly instincts in all who hold it. It turns human beings, in the end, into something less rational than the robot-like Borg of science fiction. It turns them into something even less than beasts.

But of course, it only profits those of us in the minority if we recognize this and, like the geeks who so enjoy Star Trek, recoil from it. I don't know if we can stop them from crushing us. But we can keep them from taking our humanity and our very souls. I know that THIS Star Trek geek intends to fight on 'til the end.

If we were less emotional, our adversaries (and even our would-be allies) will have to be, too. If only more of those who criticize gays, Blacks, Hispanics and other "special-interest" groups of over-emotionalism would stop and realize the harm that simply shutting their ears and turning away from them has done! The far Left plays on those so-often-ignored emotions, revving them up to an even-higher pitch. It doesn't really do much of anything for us EXCEPT play on our emotions, but hell, so many other people completely ignore them that I understand the nice, warm-and-fuzzy glow it gives so many of us.

But I will no longer settle for warm-and-fuzzy glows. I want to see results. I refuse to let others denigrate my feelings; I now understand they do this because they are selfish and afraid. It is, however, far too important to us that we lead with our intellect and let our feelings follow. Our righteous anger can be the warp-drive that blasts us clear out of Borg space -- if we can keep from being assimilated in the meantime.

"Resistance is futile?" Let's just see about that!


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