Monday, March 27, 2006

Heads and Hearts at War?

Of course, much confusion was generated by the massive protest-marches of this past weekend. Of course. What we essentially have in this country right now are two different herds of sheep, each listening blindly to their own partisan and statist shepherds. Most of our hearts are in the right place, but our heads are in a position that should be anatomically-impossible.

It doesn't surprise me that the two major parties, and their mindless minions, don't know what to do about the flood of illegal immigrants pouring up from Mexico. Both parties are run by shameless political whores, who care about nothing more or less than power. The Democrats know a voting-bloc when they see one, and they will pander to the illegals 'til the cows come home. Some Republicans (the President among them) also whore after the Hispanic vote, but many others remember that the Party of Lincoln sold its soul to the bigot vote decades ago and therefore owes its increasingly-creepy "base" its full allegiance.

Even the Libertarians don't understand what to do about this. We're supposed to follow the script and believe in something called "open borders." This is probably the sole point upon which I depart from Libertarian dogma. Though I, too, realize that our "immigration laws" are nothing but a pathetic joke.

We are a nation of laws, and a society that operates under the rule of law. We cannot long remain a nation without having laws to regulate whom we keep out, whom we let in and whom we let stay. To compare the Latino refugees streaming over the border to potential terrorists is not only racist, but extremely unfair. Our Latino citizens are contributing far more than their share of the cannon-fodder for Bush's glorious war on terror in the Middle East. And those of Hispanic descent share, in common with those born in this country, our Western, Judeo-Christian heritage.

Obviously we need some sort of immigration policy, and laws to enforce it. But since the ones we have now are obviously not working, we need to change them fairly drastically. Of course Bush's "base" hollers that we merely need to enforce the laws now on the books. Where these people part from even a rudimentary understanding of reality is that they don't seem to realize THESE LAWS DON'T WORK.

Typical Right-Wing Republicans. Pass laws that make us feel good -- laws that give us a good and hearty thumbsuck -- totally without regard to whether they work or whether they are fair. Well, the Middle Eastern nations in which terrorists so prolifically breed also have laws, and also pride themselves on being respecters of the law. That law is called SHARIA.

Many -- all too many -- of those violating our borders are criminals. The only contribution they make to this country is to swell the ranks of membership in the most-violent inner-city gangs. The racists in the Democratic Party love to call OTHER PEOPLE racist for protesting that the gangs are growing, and now spreading to our suburbs. What they conveniently overlook is the fact that many conservatives began complaining about the gangs back in the days when only Hispanic and Black citizens were being victimized by them. The Democrats did not care then; they wilfully subjected minorities to terrorization by gangs because they obviously considered these people as nothing more than fodder for the polls.

Those who are most endangered by illegal immigrants are legal immigrants. We are victimizing Hispanic and African-American citizens. Now that there are so many illegals in this country that the gangs are spreading to suburban and even rural areas, all of a sudden some Democrats are beginning to care. If we go on this way much longer, it will be too late to save our country. No country that cannot -- or will not -- defend its borders from invaders can long survive.

When will we ever learn that bad laws -- laws enacted by grandstanding politicians who care everything about winning elections and nothing about actually doing the jobs they are elected to do -- actually erode and undermine our rule of law? When will we learn that giving honest, hardworking families a viable legal means of immigrating to this country, while being far pickier about who else we let in, is actually good for everybody?

A great many of those who come here illegally do not respect the laws of this country even after they arrive here. Duh.

Some sort of guest-worker program would be a good thing. That way, we could make sure that those who came to this country did not NEED to sneak over with the help of "coyotes" and drug-smugglers. When are all the liberals, supposedly so brimming-over with "compassion," ever going to wake up to the fact that law-abiding immigrants deserve protection, too?

We have not only the right, but the sacred obligation to make sure that those who become citizens of this country are the people who love this country, understand what it's all about and aspire to help build it up instead of tearing it down. If it were possible to do this consistently under our current immigration laws, we would not have an illegal-immigration problem. Duh, and ditto-duh.

I've got a rare and radical suggestion. Let's ACTUALLY ASK the citizens of this country who emigrated here legally what THEY think about all this. What suggestions can THEY give us? The Good Lord knows we've heard more than enough about it from affluent white people of either major political party. Many of those most opposed to the current border-invasion are actually citizens of Hispanic descent. How very, very odd that, in the minds of so many of the Anglos who supposedly love them so, their opinions would have counted for more had they not bothered to come here legally.

A great many of those who have emigrated to this country legally did not show up at the protests of this past weekend. They didn't at all agree with what was going on, but they wanted to keep the proceedings as orderly as possible. Some of them may be giving up on ever having their own voices heard. They believed enough in the American dream, and in the American rule of law, enough to become legal citizens. Too bad America no longer seems to believe in them.


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