Monday, March 20, 2006

A Scoop of Non-Poop

I wish to correct a possible misapprehension, based on yesterday's post.

I said I didn't want to watch the same Dr. Wayne Dyer special fifteen times. I might make an exception for the one he had on last night. PBS has probably played it twenty times already, but this was the first time I sat down and actually gave it my attention.

Dr. Dyer's specials have always been wonderful. They somehow make you feel that life's a special adventure, and that God has a purpose for your life that nobody else but you could ever fulfill. Of course that's also exactly what orthodox Christianity says, so I feel no real conflict between his message and my faith. Established religion tends to view him with some suspicion, even though he does quote St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa and folks like that. Not only does he speak of God as "Spirit," but he even quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson -- so the guardians of Christian purity don't know WHAT to make of him.

I must admit that I don't, either, though I'm not as sure as they are that it matters. Jesus said "Anyone who isn't for us is against us." It's up to God to determine whether Dr. Dyer's theology cuts all the necessary mustard. It is absolutely evident that, even though he isn't necessarily steering people toward Pastor Billy-Bob and the Jesus Channel, Dr. Dyer is allowing God to do some mighty fine work through him. Thank God on behalf of us all, it isn't the sourpusses of the professional religious establishment who get to have the final word on Judgment Day.

The points I made, yesterday, on PBS's troubles remain valid. Dr. Dyer is an enthusiast -- one could almost call him an evangelist -- on behalf of public broadcasting. I suspect we not only must agree to disagree on the best way to fund good television, but that we probably don't vote alike. That's okay, I like him anyway.

If you get the opportunity to catch his latest special, "Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling," I would highly recommend it. (If this pledge drive goes on any longer, you'll probably get at least a few more chances.) Bring a notebook and pencil with you to your armchair. And it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a box of Kleenex handy, too.

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