Saturday, March 18, 2006

What Color is the Sky in YOUR World?!

My friends, I bring you so many edifying tidbits from my journey around the blogosphere. Let me fill you in on the latest.

At one of my favorite blogs, I got into a shouting-match with some folks who, to put it bluntly, simply weren't raised right. I will stick with a commentary thread for as long as I believe I can constructively contribute to it, but as that sometimes runs its course simply because nobody wants to listen to me, I then feel it's better simply to bring it over here.

My remarks on that thread, mind you, were a sort of ink-blot test. I made a point of stating that I was not targeting any specific individuals. Those who chose to attack me revealed WAY more about themselves than they did about anything or anybody else.

It was another shoutfest over who has the right to feel more aggrieved: men or women. The mens' rights groups, it seems, want to make it even easier than it already is for men to knock-up women and then walk away from any responsibility to their kids. They are trying to repackage this in nice, bright, shiny, brand-new wrapping and give it a different label, but it certainly is the same ol' same ol' underneath. Women, on the other hand, want to go on denying reality about the differences between themselves and men and expecting men to be nobler than they all too clearly are. Both men and women want the right to be stupid and then make other people pay for it.

For reasons "He" did not see fit to explain to us, the Good Lord made men bigger and stronger, physically, than women. Perhaps to compensate for this, "He" made women emotionally stronger and morally superior to men. Through most of history, people understood this. Since the Twentieth Century, many have been hell-bent on denying it. That does nothing, however, to make the fact of it shut up and go away.

The reason the family is falling apart is that throughout most of human history, we all counted on the moral superiority of women to hold families together. This worked quite nicely, until the feminists decided we were all going to pretend that no differences between the sexes actually exist. Now, they did bring up one point that was worth considering, which is that maybe we should be honest about what men do to women instead of simply looking the other way. Girls are socialized from an early age to lie to boys, and we're told that the poor guys are so weak and cowardly that they simply cannot stand the truth. This, I would strongly suspect, is why men so often seem to be so insecure.

Let me make this perfectly plain. The traditional family depends upon the ability of men to take advantage of the moral superiority of women. Children absolutely MUST count on it, because it's all they've got.

I made the "mistake" of remarking, in the midst of the nursery school mudball fight between the boys and the girls on that blog, on what lovely morals straight people have. Boy, howdy, did I ever hit a nerve! I was promptly informed that because I am gay, I have no right to express any opinions on the subject. My critics seem to be under the impression that gay folks come from some other planet, where the sky is a different color and there are a different number of moons, therefore we cannot possibly know what's going on on Earth.

Men labor under a significant limitation, and women ignore that fact at their own peril -- as well as that of their kids. A man's ability to feel affection for his children seems to be dependent on the amount of affection he feels for their mother. Women have decided they don't like this, but it makes it nonetheless true. They insist they have the "right" to rut like alleycats with guys they've only just barely met, and then hold them accountable for the brats they beget. It's not working very well, but women would rather go on cutting their children to pieces in their wombs, or starving them to death, than admit that.

I remarked, on this other blog, that at bottom, this is a matter of respect. Women no longer respect men, they no longer respect their children and they no longer respect themselves. Both men and women are indulging in vile, filthy behavior unworthy even of beasts, and because this is creating problems from which they can no longer hide, they are attempting to scapegoat gays for it. When people like me call attention to this fact, we are viciously attacked for it. The fact that these damn fools are willing to sacrifice their own children to their carnality, and then turn around and try to use the supposed well-being of those same children as their "justification" for attacking gays, is so far beneath contempt that it would make any decent person sick.

Straight folks have become so inflamed with their own renegade lust that they now prey sexually upon their own children. Yes, Virginia, it HAS gotten just that bad. And then they are so foul and totally disgusting, they are such festering boils on the ass of humanity, that they blame gays for THAT, too.

Shame on those of you to whom this indictment applies. You can talk all you want to about how I will supposedly rot in Hell. I know for a fact that you will.


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Chiara said...

found your blog by way of the other one - I appreciated your comments, way to cut through the B.S.


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