Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How 'Bout A Smackdown?

I've got a great idea for those of us who blog, as well as for those of us who regularly comment on other people's blogs. How about a face-to-face, smackdown-style event?

I want to meet some of these people. Especially those who tell me I'm going to Hell, or that I'm a genetic mistake because I'm gay. Why do I get the feeling they wouldn't say such things to my face?

There is nothing I would say to a computer keyboard I wouldn't say to somebody's face. Anybody's. This could get very interesting.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. My only complaint about it is that it is the perfect haven for people too chickenshit to speak their minds to others. Those, that is, who feel some cathartic compulsion to be nasty. It is one more hole for cowards to hide in.

We are a nation of cowards. Just listen to us strut and bluster about Iraq. I'll tell you something about the possibility of war with Iran. If we do go, even the chickenshits will have to sign up. There simply aren't enough existing volunteer troops to spread that thinly.

At the moment, over on another blog, I am in a war with words with somebody who says I'm a biological error for having been born gay. This is not a religious person, but an atheist speaking. Too bad so many gays and lesbians save their wrath for filthy hypocrites like "Doctor" Laura -- who want to wrap themselves up in a nice, cozy mantle of religion -- instead of people like that.

A good many atheists and agnostics hate gay people. They would just as soon see all of us dead. Someday, somebody's going to come along and suggest a "final solution" for "imperfect" folks like us. They will probably be about as religious as this creep is, but whattya want to bet they will cloak their murderous rhetoric behind a "Doctor" Laura-like religious veneer?

Let me make this perfectly clear. "Doctor" Laura believes that God is a bungler. This is blasphemy of the blackest order. And any so-called religious person -- Christian or Jew -- who runs after her and her theories is a traitor to God.

You're entitled to your opinions, and I'm just as entitled to my own. But if you've got the same opinion about me as does "Doctor" Laura, it's better not to add blasphemy to your crimes by trying to hide them behind religion.

It's all just a matter of biology and chemistry. Human breeding is no different than that of horses, cattle, sheep or pigs, and gays and lesbians are simply mistakes, to be dealt with as the unproductive cull that we -- in these peoples' opinions -- really are. Take a good look at the real, atheistic, God-hating face of homophobia. And if you agree with it, at least have the decency not to call yourself a religious believer.

How many souls -- particularly those of sensitive and impressionable young people -- have been driven off into the dark of night by hate-consumed frauds posing as "moral religious people?" Religious bigots who get off on condemning me can have all the fun they want to with it now. Come the Day of Judgment, I wouldn't trade places with any of them.


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