Friday, April 21, 2006

Boo-Hoo! We're ALL Victims, Now!

Has anybody else noticed how whiny, victimmy and just plain...well...LIBERAL many "conservatives" have become?

Take the mens' rights movement. Yes, TAKE it -- please! All the credibility men had ever managed to build up, over the years, criticizing feminism as whiny, victimmy and hostile to men has since evaported like dew in the summer sunshine.

Why? Well, because the mens' movement is encouraging men to whine, snivel, feel sorry for themselves and see themselves as helpless victims. And it is run and largely populated by men who hate women every iota as much as so many militant feminists hate men.

Don't like the way the liberal feminists conflate statistics to say things they really don't -- for example, that men always batter women, and never the other way around? Well, you COULD simply cite the real statistics that show that this isn't true, but that doesn't deliver quite the same (pardon the pun) punch as shameless exaggeration does, does it? Instead of telling us that more and more women are battering their husbands, boyfriends and even children (which is not only true, but, to any reasonable person, alarming), conflate the total number of women who hit men into one huge, scary but laughably-unbelievable number. That's right...count EVERY instance where a woman hits a man the very same way, without bothering to ask whether she instigated the violence or whether she was merely trying to defend herself. You will shock a whole lot of people that way -- but you'll also convince most of 'em that you're a liar who does not deserve a respectful hearing.

This is exactly what seems to have happened. And so, mens' rights activists who try to raise public awareness to the very-real problem of increased female-on-male violence are treated like crybabies and outright liars. "Whassamatter," the public demands, as it rolls on the floor and howls with derisive laughter, "You're bigger and stronger, but you can't just...what...DEFEND yourself?"

You can defend yourselves, but you can't protect your children. Wherein lies the real reason so many of you are crying.

Recently, we have all been treated to the comic spectacle of FOX TV somberly raising doubts about the guilt of those Duke lacrosse players accused of beating and raping the stripper. What paragons of traditional family values these folks really are! What they are, we are discovering, is shameless political whores who've discovered there's money to be made in shilling for "men's rights" as one-sidedly and irrationally as liberal feminists shill for the "rights" of women.

Excuse me, but if a young woman who gets drunk in some guy's dorm-room is held partially responsible for the rape that ensues (and these are exactly the folks who would tell us so), then why the hell are these lacrosse players not being held responsible for the fact that they unquestionably (A) hired women to take their clothes off in the home of one of them and (B) drank insane amounts of liquor while the strippers were on the premises?

Men need to make up their minds whether they want to be seen as hormone-crazed half-wits who can't control themselves or as at least potentially responsible and contributing members of society.

These lacrosse players are guilty of abysmal judgment and shamefully irresponsible behavior -- whether they are guilty of beating and raping those strippers or not. And for FOX to pander to evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics, holding themselves up to them as supposed defenders of family values, even while they mealymouth around about what happened between the lacrosse players and the strippers, is nothing but particularly foul and vile hypocrisy.

I almost never find myself in agreement with Ann Coulter, but her current article on the whole lacrosse players/strippers brouhaha is spot-on. Catch it at

Come on, Right-Wing guys. Women like Ann Coulter may side with you the large majority of the time, but they're not stupid. Stretch your presumption on their blind loyalty too far, and they'll cut you down to size.

If you really enjoy crying and feeling sorry for yourselves all that much, I've a feeling they can give you more reasons to than any liberal feminist ever could.


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