Monday, June 05, 2006

It's Treason Time!

This week, the President and his GOP minions will again attack the Constitution of the United States by peddling what they're now calling the "Marriage Protection Amendment."

This Amendment would violate the First, Ninth, Tenth and possibly also the Fourteenth Amendments to our Constitution. It ignores the framers' provision that existing amendments be changed or eliminated by the passage of new amendments THAT DEAL TRUTHFULLY AND STRAIGHTFORWARDLY WITH THE FACT THAT THE EXISTING AMENDMENTS DO EXIST.

What Bush & Company would do would undermine the authority of the Constitution by ignoring existing amendments. "It's only a piece of paper," the President snarls. Well, when he gets through with it, it will be a piece of paper fit for nothing more than lining a birdcage.

Let me tell you what this is. It is treason. President Bush, and the political quacks in Congress who support the MPA, are traitors to this country.

The Constitution is not a wall in some ratty old house that can be altered simply by slapping on a new coat of paint to cover wallpaper no longer considered fashionable. The framers did provide a means of altering it, but they made it difficult and time-consuming for a reason.

Congrats to our current self-indulgent, fast-food, me-first, neverending-nursery-school generation. We are going to destroy the supreme law of our land, and the nation along with it.

The hottest circle of Hell is too good for anybody who supports the MPA. God granted them the precious gift of having been born in the greatest country in the history of the world -- and they are now reciprocating by throwing it right back in "His" face.

Several people have tried to explain to me how ignoring and violating what's already in the Constitution does not undermine its authority. All they've actually done is prove to me they smoked a lot of good shit when they were younger. Too bad they blew out so many brain cells while they were doing it.

READ. THE. FUCKING. CONSTITUTION. Read it now, while we still have it. At the very bare-ass, bottom-of-the-barrel minimum, shouldn't you have enough basic human decency to read a document that affects the lives of millions of people before you vote to change it?

If you can't read well enough to understand the Constitution, there are adult remedial reading courses that can help to bring you up to speed.

I wish we could track down every last motherfucker who intends to vote for this piece of shit and send them to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or North Korea. You're traitors, and you ought to be treated like it. I won't even attempt to appeal to your sense of morality or religious faith, because by your very willingness to treat other people the way you do, you are demonstrating you have no real belief in Jesus or God.

A great many of my ancestors fought and died so that this country and its Constitution could survive. So their descendants could be Americans, and it would still mean, for us, what it meant to them. They -- along with every other American who ever gave his or her life for this nation -- must be spinning in their graves right now. As a supporter of the "Marriage Protection Amendment," you disgrace every one of them.

You might as well go out right now, get an American flag, douse it in lighter fluid and set it ablaze. You couldn't possibly do as much damage to it that way as you will be supporting the MPA.


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