Friday, June 02, 2006

No Stinky Girls or Queers?

We need to start asking some very hard questions about what we're doing in Iraq. That is becoming increasingly clear. More to the point, is killing innocent civilians helping our cause? That there are fewer strutting chickenhawks out there to call us "unpatriotic" for asking such questions is, I suppose, at least a somewhat hopeful sign.

The problem with this country is that we've been so infected with bigotry -- we're so stuck on stupid -- that we can't even see a logical argument through without shitting all over ourselves. A perfect example of this is an article in today's Lew Mark Brennan makes a wonderful case for questioning what we're doing to the people of Iraq -- how we're turning those we've tried to make into friends, instead, into enemies. But toward the end, he has to go and take a cheap swipe at Mary Cheney, calling her "sexually proud."

You can see for yourself at What does this stupid asswipe accomplish in trashing Mary Cheney? And how is she "sexually proud" for simply telling the fucking truth about herself? Mr. Brennan, by that same standard, since you obviously identify as heterosexual you yourself are "sexually proud."

Heather Poe happens to be Mary Cheney's partner in life -- exactly the same way Mrs. Brennan (if there is one) is Mr. Brennan's partner in life. Simply by not treating her like a dirty little secret and hiding her existence (something you are not prone to do, regardless of your sexual orientation, to the one you love most in all the world), Mary Cheney is being "sexually proud," and -- given the dirty little twist Brennan gives it -- is evidently a horrible human being.

What a load of horseshit. Mr. Brennan, get your head out of your ass.

He writes a perfectly good, very insightful article about the way the U.S. is making enemies out of those it is supposed to be befriending, and then can't keep his own little-gradeschool-boy petulance out of the picture.

Did Mary Cheney make an issue out of her sexual orientation, or have the Republicans made it one? Who started all this, anyway? The Republicans have made war on many people, not because of anything we've done but simply because of who we are. If, because I don't tell lies about myself and insult my partner by treating her as if she doesn't exist, you want to call me "sexually proud," then let me call you what you are. You are a stupid piece of shit, and by piling it on me now that, in our currrent political climate, you can so easily get away with it, you are a coward.

Thanks for the gratuitous slap, Mr. Brennan. I guess your head is too far up your ass for you to be aware of the fact that there are a lot of gay and lesbian Libertarians. And you're not running us out of the party. You and the other little boys in the party can put up all the "No Stinky Girls or Queers Allowed" signs you want to. Just stay the hell outta my way, or I'm gonna take your sign and break it over your petty, pointy, weak little head.

There is an attempt, right now, being made by people like this to drive gays out of the party and to make sure women are properly subservient. Bullshit. Libertarianism means the overthrow of tyranny of EVERY kind. It is the natural vehicle for the hellraisers who now seek to prop up the ruins of the Democratic Party. As soon as they become aware of this, the tinpot despots now bent on dominating it are gonna have to step aside.

The Libertarian Party isn't winning big elections? Just look at the morons in charge of it and you'll know why! Before there can be a Libertarian revolution in this country, there needs to be a Libertarian revolution in the very party that bears the movement's name.


At 1:03 PM, Blogger Jesus del Norte said...

good post

At 1:11 PM, Blogger sydvicous said...

Hi I'm a member of the United States Air Force. Unfortunately there is no good, straight-forward, logical answer to solve our nation's problems. We have a lot of followers and not enough leaders. Shit, we can't even pass good solid bill without watering it down with the "lets appeal to everyone on the fucking planet thus contradicting everything this bill is for" bullshit. I'm currently fighting a run-around battle with gay rights in the military, and I gotta tell you if people these days (and i mean the general public) could make up there fucking minds as to what the fuck they believe in then mabey we could start building this once great nation up again.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger James said...

Thats because almost nobody believes in true freedom anymore they believe in their freedom, all others be damned. Thats how we got where we are today. People vote for issues not principles. If everyone voted for issues and they all say they love them some freedom then wed have a Libertarian Congress not the swine we have.

People vote for those who best represent their own narrow world views.


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