Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Desperation Express

Yes, folks, six days away from the eletion, we are indeed seeing what desperation does to people. The McShame-Caribou Barbie ticket is calling out the theocrat brigade and robo-sliming formerly sewn-up Red State Arizona.

I've yet to be blessed with a robo-slime call, but I'll probably get at least one, or maybe twenty. I have the same telephone number my parents had for over forty years -- having inherited their house -- and they were stalwart Republicans. It's been weird, moving back here and once again having the same telephone number and address I had growing up. And there's nothing weirder about it than getting nutty Republican propaganda in the mail on almost a daily basis.

I am proud to say that my home state is no longer a solid red. It may not be blue yet, but it is at least a very bold shade of Phoenix Suns purple.

I only hope a real person calls me, instead of a machine. I would love to have some fun with these morons. But I would like to think the McShame campaign would have at least as much trouble staffing an entire call-center full of stooges to call people up and read lies about Senator Obama here as they've had in Indiana.

Now, about those theocrats (as the theme from Halloween begins to play...) Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? Some of them are actually resorting to saying that God is ordering us to vote for McShame, and that "He" will send us to Hell on a super-slide if we fail to do it.

And if you thought that, to find such dangerously deluded folks -- the sort who get special messages from God -- you had to go to Afghanistan, Iran or at least your local mental hospital, just think again! Nossir, we've got 'em right here, walking around free, armed and loaded in the good old U.S. of A.!

Well, theirs is a false god, and he's robo-sliming us. Blow it out your asses, you conceited, idolatrous kooks. Do me a me up and lay this crap on me in a way that gives me the chance to give you an answer.

Six more days, people! Six...more...days. Or, as a Vietnam vet friend of mine would put it, "five days and a wakeup."

Don't bother robo-sliming him, either, McShame. He, too, is voting for Obama.

I'm not sure just where the "Straight Talk Express" has gone. But the Desperation Express has now definitely left the station.


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