Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Gay Conservative Nuttiness

Now they've got the vapors because McSame deigned to grant an audience with the Washington Blade. Good night nurse, these people are pathetic.

It makes no difference that he says he thinks the states should make laws regarding marriage, rather than the federal government. He favors an amendment, here in Arizona, that would deny any same-sex couples' rights to gays and lesbians. He merely thinks that the states should be the ones to slam the door in our faces instead of the feds. As we used to say when I was a kid, "Big whoop."

I have somehow managed to get myself on the email list of a group called "Conservative Gays." These uncle toms blather endlessly about every little crumb the Republicans toss us.

I will say it once again. Just because there are homophobic Democrats, that in NO way means that the Republicans are better -- or even a tiny fraction as good -- on GLBT issues. What it means is that progressive Dems need to take the party back from the sleazeball "triangulators" and "centrists" who have stolen it from us.

But from now 'til Doomsday, the uncle toms will keep needling us about those anti-gay "liberals." Flash bulletin, dipshits. NOT ALL DEMOCRATS ARE LIBERALS. Particularly not these days.

The patter of the conservative gays relies heavily upon the pretense, however, that Democrats and liberals are all interchangeable. A baldfaced lie. And any real progressive -- gay OR straight -- will be quick to tell you so.

Liberals -- the genuine article -- are far more frustrated with Democratic squishiness on GLBT issues than these truth-challenged gay conservatives dare to admit. As a matter of fact, their shtick depends entirely on their not admitting it at all.

They simply flunk the smell-test. And tomorrow night, their new "diva" -- unquestionably the most homophobic VP candidate in recent memory -- will crash and burn in her "debate" against Joe Biden.

You heard it here. The election won't even be a close one. We'll see Republican carnage from coast to coast. The only thing "red" in this country on November the 5th will be the blood from all those Rethugs the American voters will have ripped to shreds.

Let's get on with the election, already -- and get it OVER with. I, for one, can't wait 'til I hear "Hail to the Chief" played for President Obama.


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