Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some Corrections I Wish to Make (But Evidently Can't)

Dear gentle reader, please excuse the sorry state of this week's post. I cannot find ANYTHING in Blogger to tell me (A) how the spacing of the paragraphs got screwed-up in the first place or (B) how to fix it.

I am not a computer whiz, to say the very least. It would be so peachy if there were, at some point, somewhere in the universe an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING to consult about technical difficulties like these.

I think the post below is a good one. I hope you'll overlook its squished appearance and give it a read anyway.

Please see below the link to the Andrew Sullivan "Daily Dish" post to which I refer. It was when I tried to insert that link in this week's post that all hell broke loose on the spacing of the paragraphs.


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