Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Evolve, Already!

As we pass the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, we hear the usual plaudits of him from the rational Left and irrational shrieks against him from the Christianist-infested Right. The stupidity of Christianist superstition has so taken over this country that polls show a frighteningly high percentage of the populace unwilling to "accept" evolution.

If these people were sincere -- if they had any principles at all -- they'd refuse to accept all the benefits that have accrued from agriculture, pharmacology, medicine and genetics.

Wait -- they can't do that. It would be impossible. Nearly all modern biological science is irrevocably based upon evolution.

New discoveries in genetics are verifying evolutionary theory every day. "Just" a theory? Sure. But without question, evolution is the best-attested scientific theory in human history.

Let's just go ahead and call Christianist crap science exactly what it is. It is atheism too cowardly and dishonest even to call itself by its right name. It is an insult to the God Who made us -- spitting right in "His" face -- because it is, in its self-indulgent fear, unwilling to appreciate the way God actually chose to make us.

Faith? It has absolutely nothing to do with faith. It is the anti-faith of people too feeble to believe.

If God is real, then truth need never be feared. Ever. Whether it leads in the direction people's pointy little heads expect it to or not. God did not "have to" make us the way all too many of us would have been more comfortable believing that "He" did. Sorry. Get over it, and get over yourselves if you don't like it.

"Intelligent Design?" Of course it is. The problem, for fundamentalists, is that they have confused themselves with God. They can't figure out how -- or why -- God would work to create through the slow, hit-or-miss process of evolution instead of simply going "zap!" and blinking everything into being, the way Samantha did on Bewitched.

But that is their problem -- not God's. Nor need it be anybody else's.

The anti-evolutionist know-nothings claim that evolution, if universally accepted, would make us more animal-like. Actually, and quite ironically, they use "creationism" -- whatever they want to call it -- to accomplish the very same purpose. It is used, by this crowd, as an excuse to behave like beasts instead of people.

If God just zapped us all here, then we "have to" keep carrying on like selfish, fearful, hateful, avaricous animals. We have no responsibility to keep on growing and learning. This is why these biological anti-Darwinists are, paradoxically, such fervent and devoted social Darwinists.

The only problem for those who are "Christians" -- as most of such people claim to be -- is that "creationism" would render the Gospel of Jesus Christ totally meaningless. It would reveal that God's relationship to human beings was entirely mechanistic and dictatorial -- that we were, to "Him," nothing more than puppets or robots, bearing little or no responsibility for how we lived our lives or what we were capable of becoming. The entire teaching of Christ, in Whom Christians believe that God can be most clearly seen, can be summed up in one urgent exhortation: "Evolve, already!"

Not only does science verify evolution, but evolution verifies the Christian faith. That's right -- it does not disprove it, but actually verifies it. It shows us that God's very mind, in "His" means of creating, works in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

So, indeed, Jesus is Lord. And someday, when sanity prevails, Charles Darwin will be recognized as the prophet he really was.

Evolve, already!



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