Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Long Road Traveled

There is no longer any real difference between the way Left-wing and Right-wing statists behave. Both are equally addicted to aggression. They are twins under the skin.

THIS is why I have finally realized I am a libertarian for sure.

Each side has its own convenient scapegoats, which are mindlessly accepted as villains and demonized by those who adhere to its philosophy. For the statist Right, it's gays. For the Left, it's "the rich."

When Leftists start babbling about the "evil rich," look out. They're coming after the wallets of ordinary, working-class Americans. Never, ever do actual rich people end up paying the price of these crackdowns. Though the special interest groups that really benefit from the fleecing of the working-class -- many of which DO represent rich people -- quickly pocket the proceeds.

I intend to leave up all the posts I've written along my meandering way here. Some may prove embarrassing now, but they chronicle how I got to where I am now. I have had a real process of discovery over the past couple of years. That is why I know how to proceed now. And it is instructive just to go back and read through it.

Actually, I find that my views haven't changed that much. I just wasn't sure where I belonged on the political spectrum. My religious faith has changed very little since I was in my twenties, but because the political landscape keeps shifting, it hasn't always been possible for me to be as consistent in my political affiliations. It's hard to know just who to trust. Now I know that statists, anywhere on the spectrum, cannot be trusted at all.

Some of them are genuinely good people, but they are tragically mistaken in their politics. I hope that I can help to change their minds. Reading this Blog, from its genesis to the present, would give them a lot to think about.



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