Monday, December 28, 2009

Why There Were Nazis

When I got sacked a year ago, from what I hope will be my last big-corporate job, I said I could at last understand why there had been Nazis. After a whole year of reflection, I'm more certain than ever.

I've come to realize that the reason I was treated so barbarically -- eliminated without warning or even an honest explanation, then slandered to the State when they sought the cause of my termination -- was not mere "corporate greed." That was, at most, a secondary reason.

I was dealt with in this degrading manner because there is no longer any distinction between the big corporate world and government. Large companies behave as incompenently and irresponsibly as government, because they and the State have become one.

Corporate-owned statism is fascism. That is part of the very definition of the term. And after the mega-bailouts of President Utopia's rescue, the link between taxpayers' support of corporate America and the subversion of our Constitution by these same corporations has become clear.

No American citizen should be treated the way I was by my last employer. The Constitution supposedly forbids it, but the corporations that feed off of our tax dollars are not bound by the supreme law of our land. They have overtaken our government without having to fire a single shot.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make as much money as possible. Greed only becomes criminal -- from a moral standpoint, if not a legal one -- when it is protected and paid-for by our taxes and our government. My last employer was a big insurance company. That says it all right there. Companies like that one have grown fat at the tax-feeding trough, and they feel they are accountable to nobody.

We have no way of outlawing greed. Nor, since we all hope to make as much money as possible, should we legitimately wish to outlaw the profit motive. But we have fewer available jobs than we have had for decades because the hogs at the trough are crowding out the small companies that might otherwise employ us.

I will, perhaps, be reminded that private companies, in their obligations toward employees, are not bound to the same strictures as those that are supposed to apply to government entities in their treatment of citizens. That is fair as far as it goes, but it only goes so far. Once those companies begin taking taxpayer money, they have ceased to be "private." My rights as an American citizen should not be revocable by any of the pigs who feed off of my taxes.

This is NOT "capitalism." It certainly isn't free enterprise, either. And the politicians who have aided and abetted this bloodiest of all bloodless takeovers of our country -- be they Republican or Democrat -- are nothing but whores.

I am as through with Democratic whores as I am with those who are Republican. Change will not come through tinpot "messiahs" like Barack Obama. He is proving to be every bit as bad as Boy Bush, if not worse.

There are individual libertarians who don't understand the situation in this country -- who are still too childishly credulous toward big business, viewing all that's done in the name of "capitalism" as right. But as a whole, the libertarian movement does understand the problem. Libertarians are the only ones out there who can articulate a real solution: take big corporations off of the sugar-tit, and make them compete in a REAL free market, where they will either swim or sink as deserved.

As the days' news events unfold, I am more and more certain I did the right thing by finally "coming out of the closet" as a libertarian. By having joined the Libertarian Party, I have already begun moving toward becoming a part of the solution instead of the problem.

I investigated the Green Party, hoping they understood the need for real change, but I found that the Greens are not critical of the Democrats out of any understanding of how dangerous big corporations are. As long as those corporations support statism as THEY approve of it, they are all for the growing cancer of fascism in America.

It's the Libertarians, people. It's them -- or now, I may say us -- or nobody.

I will not be fooled again. And from now on, I will vigilantly warn all who will listen.



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