Sunday, May 09, 2010

Suns Sweep Spurs!

The first week of the season, I made a prediction that sounded foolish at the time. I said the Phoenix Suns would win the NBA championship in 2010. Everybody told me how silly I was. Sure, they were off to a good start, but it was going to be a long season -- and after all, they were the SUNS.

I've been repeating that prediction all year long, and I'm certainly sticking by it now. The Suns just swept the dreaded San Antonio Spurs in the conference semifinals.

Yes, THOSE Spurs. The ones who've humiliated us in so many playoff contests. But this is our year.

We've got to get past the Lakers -- and they'll be a bigger challenge than the Spurs. But we're going to do it. This is our year.

Seeing the Suns finally win it all has been on the short list of things I want to live long enough to see for forty-one years, now. I was at the first Suns regular-season game ever played, back in 1968, as a first-grader. I remember nothing about the game except the way the program smelled, and the fact that I dropped my dolly, Miss Turkey, behind the seat in front of me (my dad had to climb all the way under the seat to rescue her). But all the same -- I was there!

What would really be sweet is if the Suns won it all over the Celtics -- the team that beat us in our first finals back in '76. We've already had payback-time over the Spurs, so let the theme continue!

People have laughed at my prediction all year long. But when it's over, I'll be the one doing the laughing.



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