Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some Random "Babblings"

I was just accused, on another blog, of "babbling." As I said to my accuser, one person's "babbling" may be another's "free-associating." I presume I was supposed to be insulted. But actually, I rather like the word "babbling." It means I'm bothering people. It bothers some people just having to think.

So today I begin a new feature, which will at least semi-regularly appear. They will be shorter than Thinking Points or Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorillas, as befits babbles. And if they don't bother anybody, they'll be a complete waste of my time.

* At least somebody's Democratic Senate career ended because of the Alito hearings. If not, this country really is doomed.

* People who believe the cops should be able to batter down people's doors and haul them off for having been in bed with the "wrong" people REALLY ARE homophobes. And no amount of rhetorical gymnastics can make that any less true.

* If you treat others in any manner you would consider cruel if applied to yourself, then your behavior toward them is hateful. Nobody can peek inside your heart and tell whether you really do hate them or not -- but then again, they don't have to. It is not honest to look at shit and call it "sugar."

* No matter WHAT sort of ruling a Supreme Court Justice may have handed down in the past, on ANY sort of issue, it tells us nothing about how he or she is going to vote in the future. Nothing. No two cases are exactly alike. (Not that those grandstanding ignoramuses in the Senate seem to understand that.) Whether Alito turns out to be a good Justice or not, thank the Lord that, at any rate, he understands the law better than do his inquisitors.

* When you come back into contact with a childhood friend, and find out that she is becoming a Libertarian just like you are, it doesn't necessarily prove you're sane. It just proves that the rest of the world is as crazy as you thought it was.

* Hate crimes legislation is a lame attempt to close the barn door after the horse has already escaped. Had we dealt with violent crime the way we should have in the first place, we would ALL be a whole helluva lot safer. The whole concept of savagery as a form of "legitimate" personal expression originated under the leadership of the very people pushing hate crimes legislation today.

* The entire penal system must be overhauled. It is NOT "cruel and unusual punishment" to make convicted criminals earn their own living and support themselves. And if we made a greater effort to tie the penalty to the crime -- including forcing criminals to make restitution to their victims -- we would see our crime-rate plummet to a level unseen since the Colonial Era.

* When we release rapists, murderers and child-molesters from prison in order to make more room for people caught smoking doobies, we deserve every violent crime we get.

...And one final "babble" for today, continuing a thread of thought I started a couple of days ago...

* The question of whether we believe in God is far less important than that of whether God believes in us.

Expect more "babblings" from me in the future, on all of the aforementioned subjects -- especially the last one.


Just to be on the safe side, perhaps from now on, when I babble on other people's blogs, I'd be better off adopting an alias. Perhaps THAT'S the use I ought to make of "Olive Pitts."


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