Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Spoke Too Soon...

Well, here I am with egg all over my face! No sooner do I get through praising the backbone of those who stood up to the Islamist thugs than I find out they backed down. Their spines are made of spaghetti.

The French paper that published the "offending" cartoons has now apologized and fired its managing editor. See the story at, 1700224, 00.html.
(Thanks to Cathy Young at The Y Files for that link.)

I must ask a very politically-incorrect question. How good an idea was it to open the floodgates and let in a torrent of immigrants hostile to everything about your way of life?

I have no problem with immigration per se. My family came to this country as immigrants. I have lived in Arizona all my life, surrounded by Hispanic neighbors, and I have a deep and abiding affection for them. We need to do something about immigration so that people can come over from South of the Border legally, and earn a good living without fear of deportation (I actually found myself agreeing with the President on that point last night).

But Hispanic immigrants DO share our basic values. They are now a part of us. They ARE us. A great many of them (almost certainly a number disproportionate to that of the Anglos) are now over in the Middle East, fighting for their country. How shameful that so many reactionary politicians try to lump them in together with the sociopaths and psychotics who form terrorist cells!

Being non-racist, however, does not mean being idiotic. Different people come to the United States for dramatically different reasons. Some come to make a decent living for themselves and their families, some to escape despotism and persecution, and others to kill Americans. We need to begin to at least TRY to use our heads about who we let in, and why.

Americans have their heads up their asses. They don't even know how to make sense of the information before them. Last night, the President stood up there and pulled a real number on this country. He'd say something not only demonstrably, but urgently true, follow that up with a bald-faced lie, say something else true, tell another lie, etc., all the way through his speech. No govermnent has done this so adeptly -- this intermingling of lies with truth -- since the Third Reich.

Not surprisingly, people in this country cannot tell the difference between lies and the truth. Polls consistently show that most of the people in this country realize how dangerous Islamofascism really is -- and that we have absolutely no clue what to do about it. (Making even more terrorism can hardly be said to be an intelligent solution.)

Here's a hint: We should stay over here, and we should keep them over there. We need to stop invading their countries and making war on their people, AND we (and by "we" here, I mean us and our allies) need to stop inviting them into our countries.

There's a lot, indeed, to be said for that old maxim, "Good fences make good neighbors."

I guess the best rule of thumb for determining whether immigrants should be allowed into this country or whether they should not is how we would answer this question: "Will they help to build this country up, or will they tear it down?" If they are coming here because they love the United States and want to contribute to what makes it great, then they should be welcomed with open arms. But if they hate us and want to make our society like their own, oppressive and chaotic land, then we have not only the right but the duty to keep them out.

If we don't start using our heads about this whole issue very soon, we may just lose them.


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