Monday, March 06, 2006

Pesky Question #1

I am introducing a new feature to the blog today. I'm calling it "Pesky Questions." As a newly-minted Libertarian, I feel that the reintroduction of free speech, and the free thought it will stimulate, are crucial to the survival of the American experiment.

All indications, thus far into the Twenty-first Century, are that America will not survive another hundred years. At this point in the Twenty-second Century, if things keep going the way they are, the United States will be a socialist state, offering no semblance of protection for even the most basic human rights, and the Constitution will simply be a rather quaint museum piece. That is, if humanity hasn't bombed itself back into the Stone Age by then.

The Third Reich did not survive. The Fourth Reich, however, has an excellent chance of survival. If we can't find some way to ship all the cowards, traitors and sheep who support this nonsense off to Iraq (you know, that wondrous paradise they keep telling us we're making in the Middle East), then our only hope of saving the republic is in GETTING THEM TO THINK. Questions are the very best means of doing that. And the peskier the questions, the better.

Let's start out today with our first one.

What bothers pro-lifers about abortion: that it exists, or that it is legal?

Oh, they ever hate getting that one! One of the clearest signs of the pathetic state conservatism finds itself in today is that every time you ask a conservative to think, he or she automatically dismisses you as a liberal. (This is as puzzling as it is amusing, since liberals give no greater indication that they think than do conservatives.) The dismissal of anyone who asks this question as a typical, "pro-abortion" leftist is as cowardly as it is dishonest and just plain stupid. It enables your cornered wingnut to fire a volley of standard-issue pro-life dogma at you -- hopefully deflecting your question without ever having to make an honest attempt at answering it.

Given what's going on right now in South Dakota, and what might soon follow in Mississippi, this is an especially timely question. If they were to achieve their objective of outlawing most abortions everywhere, would the majority of pro-lifers be happy?

If their stand is truly a moral one -- if they have any moral integrity at all, or logical integrity, either -- then of course the answer must be NO. But for most pro-lifers, it has become more than obvious that their honest answer would be yes.

Unless a self-professed pro-lifer wants to bring about an end to abortion -- period, he or she is nothing but a hypocrite. It is precisely BECAUSE most so-called pro-lifers simply object to the practice's being legal, and would be content simply to wave their wands and make it IL-legal, that they have not been able to achieve their objective. Not only that, but they WILL NEVER be able to achieve it. Unborn babies will continue to die, and these monstrous excuses for humanity just don't give a rip.

It's the Fantasy of Abracadabra, rearing its ugly head again.

Answer the question, you cowards, liars and cheats. Give it the honest answer, which is that you just want another excuse to push women around and to punish them for having sexual pleasure. Those of you who are serious, sincere pro-lifers, however, have your work cut out for you. It is highly possible that once the wand is waved and the spell cast, it will actually become EVEN MORE DIFFICULT to stop the actual practice of abortion. Even more unborn children may die (and without regulation, this could happen to them at any stage of the pregnancy) -- and most of the phoney-baloney pro-lifers won't care.

Just because they'll no longer be able to count the unborn dead, they will pretend they do not exist. Not only is this pathetic, it is beneath contempt.

The beauty of today's Pesky Question is that it would force "pro-choicers" to be honest, too. What most of those who proclaim their devotion to "choice" would rather not admit is how dadburned early that choice really begins.

Getting pregnant is not like catching a cold. You just can't do it by accident. And let's just cut the doodoo about rape and incest (after which you could have gotten an abortion even BEFORE Roe v. Wade, all mythology aside). Statistics make clear that the overwhelming majority of abortions were NOT the result of such dire scenarios. Most of the women who have abortions were simply too lazy, sloppy, gutless, immoral or irresponsible to use birth control.

The choice for women begins BEFORE SEX. Any suggestion to the contrary is a lie. Women in this country are too rooster-pecked to stand up and tell the truth about this. It might interfere with mens' ability to use us as disposable sex toys, and of course we mustn't have that.

Let's just get something straight here. Abortion is not legal for the sake of womens' convenience. It is legal for the sake of mens' convenience. If only the convenience of women were at stake, there never would have been a controversy to begin with.

Given how politically-outspoken I am, people frequently ask me my stand on abortion. The only reply I can give is the true one. I'm not on either "side" in the issue, because BOTH "sides" are wrong. Abortion is one of those evils that cannot simply be legislated away -- but abortion IS evil. Any country in which women destroy their own unborn children is under the Judgment of God and will not last long.

Not every form of evil can be wiped out simply by the passage of yet another law. We can't even begin to fight evil, in most of its frighteningly-many forms, until we get this fact through our heads.

This is, to me, the surest sign that America will not survive another century. Not only do we have a shamefully high abortion rate, but we refuse even to tell the truth about what to do about it. The next time somebody asks me my opinion on abortion, I'm going to ask them Pesky Question Number One. I can think of no greater service I can do for my country than simply to get it to think.


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