Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth, People!

My dearest readers, I must apologize for my spotty blogging of late. I have just started a new job, and am now in the middle of weeks of intensive training. It's all I can do, right now, to keep up with my most basic writing commitments, so I have no time to blog here at present.

Just as soon as I am a little better acclimated to my new position, I will be back -- with a vengeance. I have many nifty-keen ideas for making Born on 9-11 a better blog. And I intend to implement them as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for your loyalty -- and your patience. I promise I will be back, God willing, very soon. Or, as our trainer at my new company of employment likes to say, "in two or three shakes."

...See? I'm learning all sorts of neat things!

Happy Independence Day, Everybody!


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Margaret said...

Hi Lori,
I found your blog by accident and read it fairly much in its entirety. But I can't figure out were you literally born on 9/11 or is this statement more a metaphor to relate the 9/11/01 awakening of religious consciousness?
I was literally born on 9/11 and so was my husband. (long story) That is why I'm asking and wondering how you reacted to the events of that day if it was your birthday. -Margie

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Lori Heine said...

Hello Margaret,

Your question is a great one. It deserves an entire posting. I was planning to wait 'til September 11 of this year to do it, but in the meantime, you deserve an answer.

I was literally born on 9-11. It wasn't in 2001, of course -- the "Day of Infamy" was on my 39th birthday.

It seemed almost as if the terrorists had stolen my birthday. Perhaps you and your husband feel somewhat the same. Of course our "loss" doesn't come within a million miles of what those who lost their lives or the lives of loved ones on that day have endured. That doesn't change the fact that every time we now tell somebody when our birthday is, they wrinkle their noses and go, "Ewwwww!" No matter how awful the events of 9-11-01 were, we're stuck with our birthday for the rest of our lives.

I have come to believe that 9-11-01 was actually the beginning of a new era of history. It will have a lasting significance religiously, politically and culturally. In a very real sense, the Twenty-first Century began, I believe, on that day.

"Born on 9-11," therefore, refers not only to the fact that this day is my birthday, but much more to the new realities than the infamous 9-11 have brought to light. (They existed before that day, of course, but it has only been since then that they have become obvious and inescapable.)

As a writer, my primary interests are religion and politics. The world in which we live, and about which I write, is very much the Child of 9-11.

I'll be blogging much more frequently again in the near future. My training period at work is nearly over (thank the Lord). I have also been working on a novel, and have wanted to get through the crucial first draft of it before going on with much else. I should be done with the first draft -- God willing -- within another couple of weeks.

Thank you for your comments, Margaret. I would really like to hear more about the coincidence of you and your husband's both having been born on 9-11. Could it even have played a part in how you came together?

If you have a blog, I will definitely investigate it. I would like to hear more.


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