Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Homosexuality -- the "Special" Sin

"Homosexuality" has become the Christianist, Antichrist Right's favorite, pet little sin. That much is very clear. For a long time, I didn't understand why that should be.

After all, the Bible is much less ambiguous on many other things: murder, for example, and rape, and theft. And far more people commit these things than do "homosexuality" -- however, in their fevered little sex-obsessed minds, the puppets of the Right are defining it.

Then when I saw the willful blinders the Christianists wear with regard to all the sins they let slip by them -- mass-murder in the Middle East to protect their oil supply, for example -- I began to see the light.

If homosexuality can be defined as a sin, then heterosexuality becomes a virtue. As no one chooses their sexual orientation, this means that the hetero majority NEED DO NOTHING ELSE BUT BE HETEROSEXUAL. Which -- quite neatly and conveniently -- they would be, anyway.

What a terrific money-raising tool! Just tell the majority of the population that they're automatically right with God -- simply because of something they couldn't help even if they wanted to -- and voila! -- the money just floods into the coffers.

Now I get it. At the Day of Judgment, these poor slobs had better pray that God is as easily-fooled as the suckers they're so determined to gull.


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