Monday, September 11, 2006

Aquarius -- or Armageddon?

Well, here it is...the day for which this Blog was named. As I have already explained in this space, I was born on a September 11th. As I have also already explained, so was the Twenty-first Century as we now know it.

My few, very hardy loyal readers have followed my spasms of self-analysis over the past ten months. They know how bitter, angry and defeated I have been. At least a few may also have realized something about me that I've only just begun to realize about myself.

I haven't been defeated. I have been defeatist.

I now confess that I have long felt as if good times -- the hopeful and progressive times -- were all behind us. I have mocked those who keep their torches lit for a new tomorrow. Not because my dreams were any different than theirs, but simply because I was ready to give up on them, and I thought they were bringing heartbreak upon themselves for not doing the same. I had suffered so many hurts, insults and deep disappointments over the failures of liberal progressivism -- and, more specifically, the Democratic Party -- that I felt I had to wake up to a harsh reality and toughen myself to face it. That is the way frustrated idealists almost always react when the backlash of the backwards against them turns into a cataclysmic storm.

But if the only people in this country who are willing to keep fighting the good fight are those fighting the WRONG fight -- those who persist in helping terrorist-recruitment efforts in the Middle East with their insane insistence upon "winning hearts and minds" by invading small countries and bombing the crap out of their children -- then we're all doomed. America is being run by neo-fascist nuts who think that God is calling them to bring on Armageddon. I can't laugh anymore at those who want to work for a new Age of Aquarius. I've come to realize that if, indeed, they don't succeed, the price we'll all have to pay is just too high.

It's come to that, people: Aquarius or Armageddon. Either way, we've got to slay the Dragon that threatens to devour us. The warmongers in the Islamist world and those in our own society are not enemies -- no matter how vociferously they claim to be against each other. The warmongering, fundamentalist religious loonies have declared war against every one of us who refuses to sell out to their evil agenda. Just like the worst of the Islamists, our own King George would use bad religion to enslave us, and terror to keep us in line.

Those who want to think I'm a starry-eyed dreamer can go ahead and laugh all they want to. I'd rather stand for something than fall for anything.


At 9:37 PM, Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

Hi Lori,

Hope this is not too off topic for you. You seem to be seekng to understand the truth about how we now find ourselves in this deep "pit." Be patient and I'll amaze and enlighten you beyond what you might have expected.

Here's you chance to help me and other fight the good fight by spreading truth and wisdom.

Understanding the Fatal Flaws in Judeo-Christian-Islamic Prophecy

Remember the saying that "the truth will set you (and others) free?" How does "opening one's eyes to the truth" relate to "making the blind see again" or "shining the light" or "illuminating a subject?" Notice the inherent symbolism associated with this supposed New Testament "miracle?"

As certain world leaders strive to instigate a fabricated "battle of Armageddon," it is vital to understand and spread the truth about these ancient texts to help bring about an end to such abominable evil. You can never expect philosophies based on lies and great error to lead to peace and harmony. How many more millennia of terrible proof is necessary before humanity finally gets a clue that most have been utterly deceived by the very concept of religion.

Without it, Bush, the Neo-Cons, and their cohorts could never have gained and retained political power by manipulating an already deluded and susceptible constituency. Likewise, their thinly veiled partners in crime, Bin Laden and his ilk, could never have succeeded in their roles in this centuries-old Vatican-led grand deception.

We are all trapped by a web of deception formed by money, religion, and politics. The great evils that bedevil us all will never cease until humanity finally awakens, shakes off these strong delusions, and forges a new path to the future.

Read the article here...



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