Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Feel SOOOOO Much Safer Now!

Well hello again, all you hardy readers of "Born on 911!" I can only hope there are at least still a few of you out there.

Tomorrow I take off for the Twin Cities area and the infamous first annual Minnesota Garlic Festival. As it was, I would have had to set my alarm-clock for three A.M. in order to arrive at Sky Harbor Airport here in Phoenix in time for my flight. That would have given me the approximately two hours it would have taken for all the security B.S. I'd have had to go through in order to even be allowed on the plane.

As I lolled half-awake in bed this morning, listening with one ear to the radio I always keep on all night, I happened to hear something about an "elevated terror alert." It seems there was a scare involving possible terrorists with liquid explosives, who tried to board a plane bound from America to the U.K. The news announcer said people were now being advised to arrive at the airport from three to four hours earlier than their flights were scheduled to depart.

Hustling out of bed, I promptly called the customer service desk at Sky Harbor, and this was confirmed. I now need to get there about two hours earlier than previously scheduled, so that I can stand in line for a flight that might, now, even be delayed. Oh, joy to the world!

Of course I'm going to do it. I already have at least a thousand bucks invested in this trip -- none of which, as I understand it, might be refundable should I decide to cancel this late. There are relatives (in particular, my favorite uncle, Willard) I might never get to see again in this world if I don't go to Minnesota now. Regardless of the inconveniences, I am pretty much committed to going.

The terrorists have already fucked up my birthday. From now on, every time I tell somebody it's September 11th, I'm going to have to hear "Eeeeeewwwwww, yuck!" And now this.

Of course I'm simply supposed to keep right on blaming the terrorists and leave it at that. And I'm certainly not about to let them off the hook. But, a month shy of five years after 9-11, I think it is fair to at least begin asking another question. Why the hell did we let the assclown in the White House steal yet another election -- purportedly to "keep us safe from terrorism" -- if we're quite obviously no safer now than we were then?

Not only are we not any safer, but we are undeniably LESS safe than we were before all this.

George W. Bush and his "administration" are the biggest incompetents and frauds this nation has ever seen. I never did like him, nor did I ever trust him any farther than I could spit. I didn't vote for him either time (not that that made any difference). But it is now high time for ALL of us to ask ourselves: has he even done the most minimal thing (protecting us from terror) that he said he would do?

I believe the bigwigs in this "administration" turned cartwheels of sheer joy when America was attacked on 9-11. I think it was exactly what they wanted to happen. They have milked it, so shamelessly, for all it was worth ever since then that it is impossible even for the most fair-minded person to imagine otherwise.

Miss Marple would have told us to look for those who had a motive. Nobody -- perhaps not even the terrorists themselves -- had a greater motive for America to be in scared-shitless chaos and complicity to raw governmental power after 9-11. Nobody. As another great American truism would have us remember, we should always "follow the money." Who has really gained the most from all this shit?

They were warned before 9-11, but they simply let it happen. And just as they had a powerful motive to want it to happen in the first place, they have just as compelling a motive to want it to happen again. Truly, nobody else would benefit from it more.

Look for the motive. Follow the money. Wake up, America, for crying out in a craphouse, and smell the damn bacon before it burns.

Truth be told, these people have absolutely no motive for the "War on Terror" to EVER end. They have no incentive to want to see it end, and every possible incentive to keep it going.

I feel SOOOOO much safer now. Don't you?


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