Friday, September 15, 2006

Bush's "Christian" Base! Haw-haw-haw!

So now the Pom-Pom Boy-in-Chief has determined to go to bat for the "right" to torture.

So much for his claim that his favorite "philosopher" is Jesus Christ. Or that his political base is Christian.

The only "philosopher" he seeks to emulate is Adolf Hitler. Or maybe Attila the Hun. And his base is comprised of forlornly pathetic, stupid people.

Anybody who tells me that he or she is a Christian, while rah-rahing a coward who ran from his duty to serve in Vietnam and who now not only sends other young people out to do what he was afraid to, but who also advocates torture, is nothing but a clown. His followers couldn't be any more ridiculous if they wore frizzy orange wigs, red rubber noses, big floppy shoes and squirting carnations.

The "Christian" Right is nothing but a gigantic fraud. I wouldn't be surprised, on the Day of Reckoning, to discover that it is the very Antichrist itself.

These people won't stop making asses of themselves until they have destroyed every last shred of credibility they ever had.

And at the very same time they clamor to see unconvicted prisoners tortured, they crusade against equal treatment under the law for gays.

There's a connection between those two seemingly-unconnected facts. Wake up, America, and recognize what's just as plain as the red, rubber nose on your face!


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