Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Evil Guns From Outer Space....Aaaaaagggghhh!

Another senseless, heinous shooting crime -- another round of hysterical hand-wringing over "all those guns out there." I wish I could simply dismiss it all with a "Ho-hum" of boredom, but I can't afford to.

This is one of the reasons I wonder if I truly can call myself a liberal at all anymore. I don't recognize the "logic" of most of those who call themselves liberals today as any sort of logic at all.

How are we going to get criminals to give up their guns, simply by banning law-abiding people from having them? No gun-grabber has EVER been able to answer that question for me.

I am getting sick and tired of condescending lectures from people who think they're oh-so-superior because they don't own guns. There is a hell of a lot of truth in the adage that "a liberal is a conservative who has never been mugged." Or raped, carjacked or home-invaded. Or robbed of a loved one because of a violent crime.

This is a POSE, people. It is strutting, posturing and pretty preening. And it is especially disgusting when it comes from heterosexual men who would lecture me on how Cro-Magnon I am to insist on having a gun to protect myself. What a bunch of cheese-eating, cowardly fools!

How much of modern liberalism has any connection, whatsoever, to reality? And how much is like some of those commenters at Pandagon, who feel morally superior to recovering alcoholics who have chosen not to become vegetarians because staying sober, day-to-day, provides them with all the challenge they can handle?

No real progressive is that smugly judgmental toward others. No real liberal is, either.

Two perfectly good words have been hijacked by the modern (or should I say "postmodern"), statist Left. They didn't even need a single gun to do it. No wonder they think nobody else needs a gun, either.

"We'll conquer you. And we'll do it without firing a shot."

-- Quick trivia question, people. What noted liberal said that?


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