Monday, April 16, 2007

Only Victims Need Apply

It seems the Left only likes you when you're a victim. Why is that?

If gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians start attending churches that don't know quite where they stand on the issue of gay inclusion, is that too boring for the taste of our "activists?" Is changing hearts and minds one individual at a time by quietly living a good, solid Christian life -- instead of having endless marches and candlelight vigils in the most hostile territory possible and getting our heads bashed in -- simply not exciting enough?

Granted, it isn't regarded by the MSM as nearly as exciting -- as "newsworthy." And it doesn't make us feel quite so heroic.

There's so much bitterness out there from gays who have abandoned the Christian faith. They seem to think that all straight Christians are bigoted monsters. If all they hear about, in the news, are the grand protests and the policemen and the arrests, then no wonder they feel that way.

But we are the pets of the Left (both political and religious). It seems good to them to see us as victims -- always victims, and nothing else. After all, if we're victims, then (A) the Right can be portrayed as one-dimensionally evil and (B) those on the Left can promote themselves as valiant heroes in a titanic battle.

It seems we need our Leftist benefactors to save us from everything.

The same principle applies to the violent crimes that keep popping up in the news, like poison mushrooms after a rainstorm.

We must keep all law-abiding citizens unarmed, so the heroic Leftists can rescue us from guns. Guns are portrayed as these hideous, horror-movie objects that just sort of float around, shooting people at random without anybody attached to them. Perhaps the anti-gun crowd believes that guns possess some special, evil magic that casts a spell on anybody who touches one -- turning people into senseless killers by mere contact alone.

Well I, for one, am tired of being a victim. I'm tired of being kept as helpless as possible just so my self-appointed champions can save me.

Boys and girls, the game is all about power. If we ever doubted that, all we have to do is look at the slavish devotion we're still expected to shower on the Democratic Party. These jokers haven't done anything to make good on the promises they make to us. We're just supposed to go on endlessly trusting them to champion our causes.

We are assured that someday...when enough Democrats have been elected to high office...the sun will rise, the birdies will sing in harmony and all our needs will at last be met. But notice that before any of these good things can happen, we must GIVE THE BASTARDS MORE POWER.

It's quite clearly about power for power's sake, and nothing else. The libertarians have been telling us that for ages. Well, guess what: they're right.



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