Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Right Finally -- Again -- Jumps the Shark

Okay, so now I've heard everything from these Right-Wing twits.

Their take on the story of Jim Adkisson, the mutant nutcase who shot up the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, is (take your pick) that:

(A) The "liberal media" is calling it a hate crime because Adkisson hates lesbians and gays, but -- dark, dastardly them -- NOT because he opened fire on Christians.

Poor, poor Christians! Because they *ALL* condemn lesbians and gays, they are bitterly hated by us libruls!

-- or --

(B) Because they ARE liberals, who love lesbians and gays instead of condemning them, and/or because they don't hold traditional beliefs about Jesus, they aren't "real" Christians, anyway, their church is not a "real" church, and therefore, slaughtering them in cold blood is not really a crime of any sort at all.

Honestly, these so-called conservatives are so befuddled, their minds so darkened by the nonsense they've been telling themselves for so long, that it's a wonder how they keep their brains from blasting right out of their heads. How is it that, at mention of a news item like this one, the effort of assimilating the information doesn't drive them, naked and screaming, out into the streets?

Which is it, dimwits? Is it a hate crime because Christians have been brutalized and murdered, or is it not a crime at all because they weren't "real" Christians? Call me when you've drunk enough of the Kool-Aid to have it all figured out.

I am increasingly less concerned with whether people of faith totally agree with every single thing I believe, down to the tiniest detail, than I am with whether or not they get what Jesus was all about. The Unitarian Universalists are fine people. I am proud to know several of them -- including some members of my own family. I used to get my undies in a real bunch about whether people accepted my creed -- down to the last jot and tittle -- or not. Now I simply, and very gladly, count faithful folks like the Unitarian Universalists among those who follow Jesus the only way He really cared about being followed -- by living as He taught us to live.

Not, however, the people on the Right Wing, who have hijacked the name of "Christian" as surely as those terrorists hijacked those planes on September 11 of 2001. They harp on and on about "terrism" and who is or is not on Jesus' side. Yet they are about as far from Jesus as Lucifer himself, and the most extreme among them -- the Jim Adkissons of this world -- are terrorists just as vile and inhuman as anything ever dredged up by Osama bin Laden in the Middle East.

No wonder the American people are tiring of this shit. This isn't the first time the nutbag, asshat Right Wing has jumped the shark -- it has to be at least the hundred thousandth.

We are turning on this insanity -- turning away from it, in total, throw-up-'til-we-dry-heave disgust -- at long last and (I can only hope and pray) forever.

The vehement degree to which we are turning against it gives me hope this country just might survive after all.


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