Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unite and Conquer!

I've finally pinpointed what is, for me, the most upsetting part of my now-former pastor's lamebrained scheme to hide the gays in her church from the Latinos.

It's the same strategy used by "The Man" to whom "progressives" like pastor are supposed to be sticking it.

Divide and conquer. Keep us all balkanized into separate little groups. See us not as individuals, each possessing his or her own, free will -- no, that's too messy! -- but as neatly-manageable (and basically interchangeable) cogs in the machine.

The gays and the Latinos are being played against one another, very much the same way Hillary Clinton tried to play the African-Americans against the hard-workin' white crackers. That's the spirit, sister: Keep us ALL down.

Cogs in the machine...pawns on the chessboard. It's easier, I guess, to keep track of us that way -- when you really don't care about us as people. But what happens to those who happen to be members of more than one little minority group? What, for example, about gay Latinos?

They don't count, that's what about them. Not, at least, to their "pastor." She has failed them most spectacularly of all.

Boys and girls, if anybody ought to know better than to play such a losing game, it should be a Christian clergyperson. She, of all people, should be able to see each and every one of us as a unique creation of God. And she should recognize that NO one's rights may be sacrificed for the sake of anyone else's.

In a world in which ANYone's rights and freedoms are endangered, EVERYone's are. I'm not sure what part of that she doesn't understand.

United we stand. United we conquer. This must be our rallying cry in the face of anyone who would exploit us for the sake of their own power and control.

By all means, we MUST "stick in to The Man." Even when The Man is a Woman.


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