Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Our man is in! It is now official. Barack Obama will be the Democratic Party nominee for President.

Hillary still hasn't figured that out. We're told we have to "give her time." Bullcrap. By the time she decides what planet she's on, the world will have cheerfully moved on without her.

And what of all those sore losers who say they won't vote for her? You know the ones...the hard workin' white crackers for Hillary and the sour old broads of the "Denver...Denver...Denver" chants in the balcony? Let 'em bite big green ones. They, too, are totally out of touch with reality.

Grandpa McSame would keep on screwin' all the working folks. And I guess the balcony-chanters don't need no stinkin' Roe v. Wade.

Watch this space for continued gloating about Barack's big win. And now for the official prediction: major Republican carnage in November.

That's right, righties. It's Custer at the Little Bighorn for you. That earthquake you hear is us comin'. You have no idea just how bad the slaughter will be. But you'll find out soon enough. You can run, but you can't hide.

Millions more are going to be voting this year, and they will pull the lever for Obama. So, too, will most of the former Hillary-ites who didn't fry their brains too far past the point of no return back in the Sixties.

McSame has gotten a cushy ride from the worshipful (supposedly liberal) media thus far. They call him a "maverick." Were he a Democrat, he'd be just another flip-flopper. This generation knows how to use technology. His every flip and flop will be instantly immortalized on You Tube. We're gonna nail him to the wall flatter than a flyspeck.

More cottage-cheese-on-lime-jello speeches, sir. Please. They are charming when you make 'em sound like bedtime stories for the kiddies. Give us all the screaming creepies as we imagine you reading us yet another rendition of My Pet Goat.

Obama in '08. You've seen the preview. Now brace yourselves for the reality.


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