Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself...

Well, it looks as if Senator Obama's almost got it all sewn up now. The only way Clinton could possibly get the nomination would be to hijack democracy entirely somehow, thereby destroying the very party named for democracy. The Republicans who hope this happens are the ones who really hate America.

This week, as usual, I watched American Experience on PBS. One of this country's greatest presidents, FDR, was profiled. And I was reminded of a very crucial fact: Democrats are the enemies of fear. "The only thing we have to fear," President Roosevelt told the country in the depth of the Depression, "is fear itself." And how right he was!

Republicans love fear, and the chaos that triggers it. Just behold Rush Limbaugh, urging riots in Denver when the Democratic National Convention comes. Or "President" Bush, ignoring intelligence warnings of an imminent terrorist attack because -- quite obviously -- he wanted it to happen. Hillary Clinton loves fear, too, which is why she's done all she can, during her campaign, to whip it up into a frenzy.

Hard-workin' white redneck whackos for Hillary. How you "progressives" who voted for her must burn with shame!

It is the Democrats, and real Progressives in general, who should hate terrorism the most. Terror is a conservative weapon. It is, in fact, along with ignorance, the only weapon they've got.
It is Right-Wingers who hope for another terrorist attack on this country -- and make no mistake about it, they absolutely salivate with glee over the possibility of it.

I hate thugs who threaten cartoonists and writers with violence because free speech is still free. I also hate thugs who, under the guise of "legitimacy," leech away our freedoms -- supposedly to save them. We must pray there will never be another terrorist attack on America, and work with peace-lovers everywhere to keep in from happening anywhere.

I will say it, loud and proud. It is Right-Wingers who are the natural allies of terrorists. They love 'em so much, they're helping them to multiply like maggots in a corpse. Enough, already, with the lie that the Right Wing could ever effectively fight them. Actions speak louder than words, and despite their bombastic, macho rhetoric, they've shown themselves utterly dedicated to stirring up more terrorism around the world.

"Bring 'em on!" said our Cowboy-in-Chief. We didn't realize just how literally he meant that.

Barack Obama is the enemy of fear, and the true foe of terrorism. How nuts it is that so many ignoramuses think he's Osama bin Laden's long-lost cuz. He wants to bring back the sense of optimism FDR once brought into the White House like a fresh breeze. "Yes, we can!" he tells us. And he means it.

We really do have nothing to fear but fear itself. And any superdelegates who let Hillary browbeat them into backing her are gonna find out what fear is. Democrats are not going to forget who tried to cancel out their votes. And the next time any of these not-so-super delegates tries to run for any kind of public office, including dogcatcher and outhouse inspector, they'll find out just how over their glorious political careers really are.


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