Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Confessions of a Ladies' Woman

This is primarily, of course, a political blog -- written from a progressive Christian perspective, but political nonetheless. But now that the election is over, I hope, at least occasionally, to lighten up and have some fun with it.

As I seek to make this Blog more regularly readable, I will be instituting some recurring categories for my posts. One regular feature, I will call "A Woman About Town."

There's a lot going on here in the greater Phoenix area. Some people assume that a Christian lesbian doesn't do much. But there are adventures to be had, I can assure you. When something comes along that I really find worth sharing, I will, from now on, be posting it here.

Readers frequently ask me about my love life. They assume that because I'm single, I don't have any. And I have been reluctant to write about it -- not because it isn't there to write about, but because many people assume that any single gay person's love life must be, if not entirely sinful, then somehow less godly than that of someone with a partner.

As I ponder the current struggle for same-sex marriage, I have come to realize that this assumption is nothing but a sort of neurotic prudery. Let people think whatever they like. I'm certainly not one of those gay folks who does not believe in marriage, but precisely because I DO believe in it very deeply (and yes, for gays as well as straights), I believe it is important to take my time, shop around and find the right partner.

I don't ever intend to be divorced. I want my first wife to be my last one. And -- I will admit it -- I am one picky broad. The pool of eligible mates is considerably smaller for us than it is for straights. This means that we should be willing to be patient and use those U-Hauls sparingly.

In the meantime, I intend to thoroughly enjoy my search for a wife. I'm a ladies' woman -- a "woman about town" -- and I will freely admit it. Nor will I apologize for it. I lie to no one, do my best not to hurt anyone, am always up-front about both my intentions and my limitations, and make commitments only rarely -- because when I make 'em, I take seriously my obligation to keep 'em.

My role-model, as a butch of culture and sophistication, is Warren Beatty. He had a helluva good time being single, sowed plenty of wild oats, and never made promises he couldn't keep. Every woman with whom he became involved knew exactly what to expect from him, and if she didn't like that, it was her problem. But he knew the right woman when, at long last, he found her, and he ended up with Annette Bening. By all accounts, they are very happy -- and his first wife does, indeed, look likely to last.

Okay, so I may not find another Annette Bening. But what the heck -- it certainly doesn't hurt to try.

Watch this space for regular "Woman About Town" adventures. I promise not to brag -- or to stretch the truth. Too much.



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