Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hopes for Magic Jesus

I'm sorry, but I've already reached "Tilt" in my ability to tolerate GLBT whining -- from both Right AND Left -- about what President-elect Obama might or might not do in office concerning gay mariage.

I get the distinct impression they weren't voting -- either yea or nay -- on that nice, very intelligent and humane man from Illinois, but on Magic Jesus.

Gay Democrats are hoping that after his inauguration, President Magic Jesus will immediately don his red cape, take up his magic wand and declare gay marriage fully legal in all fifty states.

Gay Republicans are gloating because -- of course -- President Magic Jesus will NOT do that, so they think this means they're justified in clinging (pathetically and beyond all logic) to the GOP.

A bit of reality here, please. At this point in time, Obama either (A) genuinely does not believe in gay marriage (a distinct possibility), or else (B) cannily grasps that the time is not yet right to try and push it, because it would stir up a backlash so severe it would likely end up setting back the cause for years (if not decades) to come.

I don't know which he really believes; I cannot read the man's mind. He claims to believe in Option "A," and even if "B" is actually more accurate, of course he isn't in any position, politically, to come right out and say so.

My beliefs line up pretty much with Option "B." It would be stupid and totally counderproductive to push for full gay marriage right now.

Furthermore, at whatever stage it is to be considered, the President of the United States will not be the one to implement it.

That's where WE come in. This is our fight, and it is up to us to win it. We need to quit passively sitting back and waiting on powerful straight people -- who, in order to get and hold their power, must appease millions of other straight people -- to do our fighting for us.

True, I have no plans to get married in the near future, legally or otherwise. I am a gay bachelorette -- in the very best sense of the term -- and right now I'm enjoying that. Like a happy little bee, I am flitting from flower to flower, sampling all the tasty nectar I can. There's a pretty good chance that by the time I am ready to settle down, gay marriage (or at least civil unions) will be legal in enough localities that I and my blushing bride will be able to avail ourselves of the opportunity.

That is not, however, the reason why I hold the view I do. No matter how ready for the ball-and-chain I might personally be, it isn't going to become an option for me any sooner than circumstances permit. To the degree that those circumstances are within my control, I intend to do my best to help bring them about. Beyond that, I'd be wasting my time to worry.

In the meantime, I must admit, I don't want anybody screwing things up so badly that they put the option out of reach for me and everybody else alive in the foreseeable future.

And that means ANYBODY. Not even Magic Jesus.


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