Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Under the Bus..." Aaaaaargh!

If I hear one more person say that President Obama is "throwing gays under the bus," I may scream. I won't throw them under the bus because I'm not a violent person. Besides, I use public transportation, and it doesn't run very well with people under the wheels.

President Obama. I so love the sound of that. I love to say it. I love to write it. Even thinking it makes my toes wiggle with joy.

I can guarantee you I wouldn't feel this way, boys and girls, if I thought President Obama was going to "throw us under the bus." (There -- I got to write it again!)

Why, oh why, is it not enough for some people that President Obama is the most gay-friendly President in history? President Obama has promised that he will be, and he gives every indication of being sincerely committed to keeping his word. President Obama has already stuck his neck out on this to a degree that he can never live down -- even in the eyes of the huge, hairy homophobes the naysayers in our midst think he is so afraid of.

There, I got to write it three more times.

Now, he isn't going to let us push him around. He isn't going to let anybody push him around. That is what so many in our community are really bitching about, but let's stop to think about that for a moment. In a President, that trait is a quality. If he did let people push him around, he would be no good to anybody but bullies -- and we've already had enough so-called leaders like that.

First of all, "throwing us under the bus" is a dumb expression, and it makes us look like idiots when we keep using it. If you want to, try saying something at least a little more original -- like "kicking us off of the bridge" or "holding us under the water." You'll still be wrong, but at least you won't be so damned tiresome.

If President Obama chose to stick us on the back burner (another stupid and very tired cliche), he would probably suffer no significant political fallout from most Democrats for doing so. Nor, however, would he gain any more support from the wingnuts, who will hate him just as much no matter what.

The lesson Bill Clinton's "triangulations" have to teach us is that the wingnuts can never be appeased. They made his administration a living hell no matter how much he tried to make them happy. President Obama is a smart man. I'm sure that lesson has not been lost on him.

The middle-grounders -- especially the younger generation President Obama most needs -- are moving increasingly in our favor. The people who hate us are gradually dying off. More gradually than we'd like, perhaps, but their demise is, nonetheless, inevitable.

So take a pill and chill. Keep the pressure up, by all means. But don't despair. "Waaaaah! He's throwing us under the bus!" is NOT an expression of power. And it only leads to more despair.

If you do succumb to despair, I'll kick you off of the bridge and hold you under the water.

Not really. I'm not a violent person. I'll just say "President Obama" three times, click my ruby-slippered heels together, and keep on hoping and working for change.


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