Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Free Ride for Traitors

In talking with a friend today from the Lutheran church I recently left, I learned that the atrocities continue to mount. (She doesn't see this as an atrocity, but I most certainly do.) Even though Right-Wing churches all over the greater Phoenix area had up signs urging the passage of Arizona's anti-gay-marriage amendment, Proposition 102, there was much controversy and hand-wringing, at my supposedly GLBT-inclusive former church, over the "No on 102" sign someone posted outside of it.

They just "had to" take it down. Separation of Church and State, don't you see.

I demand -- I DEMAND -- an end to the tax-exempty status of every church that actively agitates against people's constitutional rights, yet persecutes churches that take a stand in opposition to their position. While Right-Wing churches feel free to do whatever they damned well please politically, we on the Left are hobbling ourselves by holding ourselves -- and ourselves alone -- to a stricter standard.

Anyone who voted for Proposition 102 in Arizona, Proposition Hate in California, or any like legislation, is a traitor to this country and a traitor to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Religious Right has been so totally corrupted by their own unbridled and unprincipled involvement in politics that it has thrown in to the service not of Christ, but of Antichrist.

The wingnuts' persecution of the United Church of Christ, during the presidential campaign, should have been the very last straw on this double-standard. Those who love freedom, in this country, are now in an undeclared war against those who would destroy religious freedom in the United States. A state of war against them will continue to exist until they are defeated, and until their churches are forced to pay taxes as they should. If they insist upon ruling over us as tyrants, then they are no longer churches, and they no longer deserve public support.

They have gotten a free ride at taxpayer expense quite long enough.


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