Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stimulate This!

So now President Obama has placed a cap of half a million dollars on each fat-cat financial executive's salary. And of course, we can expect those on the clueless "Right" to whine.

They are playing childrens' games with the stimulus package. It is one of the bitterest ironies in the history of humankind that these people talk so much about "morality." They are, almost to a man and woman, utterly depraved.

My own experience with my most recent employer is living proof of this. Both my former manager and supervisor pride themselves on their "Christianity" -- and both are pretty much standard Right-Wingers. One is Catholic, the other Evangelical Protestant, but both subscribe to a supposedly-conservative moral theology. It has turned them both into moral idiots.

When I was "let go," as they put it, they told me it was because my "skill-set" didn't match my position. I then applied for unemployment insurance. When the Department of Economic Security investigated my claim, these same moral midgets -- my sterling former employers -- told the DES they'd "fired" me for "insubordination."

That was the first I'd heard of it. Not only had they never warned me that I was, in any way, "insubordinate," but they gave not even the slightest indication that I was doing anything wrong.

Of course the DES asked them for documentation of this. As the company was lying through its teeth, it could provide none.

Thank God for the DES. Justice was done, at least in this case. They have awarded me my unemployment compensation.

Whenever people contradict themselves, they are lying -- at least once, and perhaps (as in this case) even twice. I don't believe either of the two totally-different stories the company has told. As my former position has yet to be posted as available, over a month after I was sacked, it is pretty clear they simply wanted to "downsize" by disappearing one individual at a time so as not to cause a panic. How very, very noble of them.

If the Right-Wingers have their way, they will destroy every form of government protection we now count on to keep us safe from exploitation. I'm pretty sure my former manager and supervisor are now cursing the DES. But again, I am thanking God for them.

The Republicans in congress are quite hunky-dory with a government that spies on people, imprisons them without trial, tortures and murders them, and sucks them dry to finance immoral wars on innocent civilian populations. But now they want to lecture us all on "fiscal responsibility." Responsibility of ANY sort is totally a foreign concept to them.

And again, the brand of religion they use to try and glue it all together turns them into moral idiots.

All I got out of this incident (besides my unemployment compensation) was a lesson I intend never, ever to forget. Put quite basically, the Left is right and the "Right" is wrong. I forgot that for a while, but I will never forget it again.

People, let's put all the pressure we can on the Repub thugs in congress who want to kill our President's stimulus package, or to corrupt it beyond recognition. These are our lives they're playing games with. In 2010, we're going to need to flush even harder to get rid of them.


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