Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Series Tied! Hahahahahaha!

I know, this is supposed to be a political blog. But I can't seem to help myself -- the Western Conference semifinals of the NBA is absorbing me. My Suns tied the series tonight at two games apiece. They will beat the evil Lakers yet!

Those who are telling me to back down on my prediction will not get their way. It may take the Suns seven games instead of six, but they will prevail over La-La Land's band of whiny, overpaid mercenaries.

Watching Phil Jackson sulk his way through the postgame press conference was priceless. Is it even possible for a Laker to respond graciously to a loss? According to those golden-suited princesses, we never beat them -- they only beat themselves.

After all the ignoramus busy-bodies from California babbling about Arizona's immigration law and how they want to boycott us, it will feel ESPECIALLY great to send them home whimpering this time. Maybe Princess Kobe will threaten to quit.

Or maybe we'll pull the plug on the electricity we send to the L.A. area. Twenty-five percent of it comes from Arizona. Let the precious little darlings sit in the dark and cry.

There -- I got politics into this post after all.

Now, back to sports. BEAT L-A...BEAT L.A...BEAT L.A.! All the way to the trophy for the Suns in 2010!



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