Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blowing Chunks

Okay, I promised I would post about the latest Garlic Festival. I'll do it a little at a time, so it can be savored -- like bon-bons. Though hopefully NOT like garlic ice-cream.

And what can I say about garlic ice-cream? Besides the fact that they gave me a double scoop of it, and it was the longest time it ever took me to eat an ice-cream cone.

Basically, it was vanilla ice-cream, with little chunks of garlic liberally sprinkled in. I think that pretty much says it all.

It is difficult to overstate the shock to one's senses as one bites into a juicy cone full of ANYTHING liberally sprinkled with garlic. Mashed potatoes might have worked better than vanilla ice-cream, though that was not an option. Someone with a really interesting imagination thought up the recipe for this concoction. They must surely reside in an institution for the criminally (or at least culinarily) insane.

Thus endeth my official review of garlic ice-cream. Though I must admit it wasn't so bad once I'd gotten down to the last few bites. Very much the same way limburger cheese sprinkled with pickled beets might not be too bad, if you only had to eat a few bites of it.

I loved the whole experience of my trip to Minnesota for the Second Annual Garlic Festival. The rest of it was so good that on the balance, one wacky ice-cream cone was merely a blip on the screen.


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