Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time to Find Their Heads

Just a while ago on Fox TV, there was yet another of those interviews with "representatives of the Rapper Community." The rappers tried to explain to the pompous Fox dude with the good hair (I don't remember his name, but it they're so interchangeable it scarcely matters) that in their community, they have been discussing rap lyrics for a long time. He said twenty years, and he would know that better than either I or Good Hair Dude would.

What the hell is up with the chattering class on the Right? Are they really after the truth, or do they just want the chance to bag on people of color (as they do on gays) every chance they get?

Rappers, and those who listen to rap, have been carrying on a very long argument about the content of rap and hip-hop lyrics. They're well aware there's a problem, and they have been for decades. Okay? So bully for Fox, and all the other Right-Wing babblers, for having (so very belatedly) discovered the issue.

What's total bullshit is the way they insist upon acting as if they were the very first to think of it. When the rappers on Fox today tried to tell Good Hair Dude how long it has, in fact, been a concern, the segment -- quite conveniently -- came to an end.

The Right needs to be saved from the bigoted, ignoramus, pompous jerks who have taken control of it. When gay, white men like Andrew Sullivan try to define conservatism on intelligent terms, the Right-Wing jerks claim that he's not credible simply because he's gay. While Left-Wing jerks claim he just wants the door to privilege opened a crack wider so he, as a GAY white man, can squeeze in.

Of course the Right is wrong about more than simply gay rights. It simply is not credible to claim that it's right about absolutely everything else. We need to see what currently passes for conservatism and tell the brutal truth about what's wrong with it.

Sullivan is doing that. He's making a good case for a conservatism that brings together the very best of our heritage as Americans: that which is conservative and that which is classically liberal. I don't agree with his conservatism, but it's certainly a lot more credible -- and constructive -- than a lot of what else currently passes for it. If he were to appear on Good Hair Dude's Fox program, before he could get his point across, the segment would surely be brought to an end.



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