Saturday, October 28, 2006

Those Democrats...They Always Revert!

I have a very good friend we call Judy the Republican. She's a very nice lady and a good Christian (somehow, in spite of being a Republican). She's fun to go to dinner and Mercury games with -- even though it takes her half an hour to be satisfied with how she's parked her car. And she doesn't get the Internet (some porn popped up on it once and she's been offended ever since), so she'll probably never read this.

I don't know what Judy the Republican would think of "Born on 9-11." She probably wouldn't like it. It chronicles the odyssey of my political journey from disaffected liberal Democrat to liberal Libertarian on-the-rebound from being a Democrat to -- as I have since become -- liberal Democrat again. Although I remain a libertarian-leaning liberal (therefore slightly more palatable to some Republicans than a non-libertarian-leaning liberal might be), Judy wouldn't much care for the opinions I express on this blog. She certainly doesn't think much of most of them when I express 'em in person.

As to what she will say, the next time I see her, when I tell her I'm a Democrat again, I think I can make a pretty good guess. "Those Democrats," she'll sneer, "they always revert!"

Why have I done this mad and foolhardy thing? The Democrats still infuriate me, and I'm just as disaffected with the party now as I was when I left it. As a liberal of libertarian inclinations, I believe a free people must always remain skeptical of government, as the bigger it gets, the more likely it is that it will be controlled by the very rich and powerful people liberals so fear and hate. In this, I am like a growing number of other liberals -- who can no longer feel give the State the same degree of childlike trust we did before Emperor Dubya. But like my fellow liberals, I also realize something true-believer libertarians seem incapable of understanding: that the big corporations that run the State and rule our lives are now more powerful, tyrannical and dangerous to our liberty than any government in existence.

Apart from an irritation at leftist political correctness, and an understanding of the fact that we must conserve the best of Western, Judeo-Christian civilization if we are to keep alive the very values liberals cherish, I am certainly no conservative. Even my suspicion of big government is no longer considered conservative by most of the people who call themselves by that name.

I remain as firmly convinced as I have been since I began this blog that this country is being taken over by fascists. And besides having realized that I am nowhere near true-libertarian enough to suit the true believers, I have also come to understand that the only party that can defeat the Republo-Nazi takeover of America is the Democratic Party. It may be imperfect, but it's all we've got.

And so, here I go, as Judy might say, reverting. I can't wait for November the 7th. The take-back of this country, by real Americans, begins in earnest on that day. You just wait and see!