Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Watch This Space...

For the next few weeks, my posts will be sparse and very basic. I'm gearing up to try to make a living yet again, after months of unemployment. That, and my other writing duties, will right now take up most of my time.

I'll be depending upon three separate streams of income: freelance writing, temp-work and advertising sales for a newspaper, The Arizona Democrat, for which I also write. These three income streams will all be weak, at first. But once I'm on track -- God willing -- with all of them, I hope to be able to make it very nicely without ever having to take another eight-to-five, big-corporate job. This is, indeed, a longtime dream I now finally hope to fulfill.

I intend to find ways to improve this Blog and build up its readership. Everything else I write is pretty widely read (or, in the case of my plays, performed) and it is difficult to keep my focus on a format I'm not sure many people are currently reading.

I'm going to make this Blog bigger and better. But first, I need to make sure I can go on eating regularly. That concern obviously eclipses all others.

I'll try to go on posting here every Wednesday. Perhaps I'll write about my adventures in survival during this Great Recession. I hope that at least a few of you will keep on watching this space. And that, in the near future, you will be joined by many more.

Have a happy Wednesday, and God Bless...