Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Homosexuality -- the "Special" Sin

"Homosexuality" has become the Christianist, Antichrist Right's favorite, pet little sin. That much is very clear. For a long time, I didn't understand why that should be.

After all, the Bible is much less ambiguous on many other things: murder, for example, and rape, and theft. And far more people commit these things than do "homosexuality" -- however, in their fevered little sex-obsessed minds, the puppets of the Right are defining it.

Then when I saw the willful blinders the Christianists wear with regard to all the sins they let slip by them -- mass-murder in the Middle East to protect their oil supply, for example -- I began to see the light.

If homosexuality can be defined as a sin, then heterosexuality becomes a virtue. As no one chooses their sexual orientation, this means that the hetero majority NEED DO NOTHING ELSE BUT BE HETEROSEXUAL. Which -- quite neatly and conveniently -- they would be, anyway.

What a terrific money-raising tool! Just tell the majority of the population that they're automatically right with God -- simply because of something they couldn't help even if they wanted to -- and voila! -- the money just floods into the coffers.

Now I get it. At the Day of Judgment, these poor slobs had better pray that God is as easily-fooled as the suckers they're so determined to gull.

Friday, February 16, 2007

See You in the Funny Papers

Over at Pandagon, there's a bright new crop of looky-loos and whackos pontificating about -- what else? -- the sinfulness of feminists and gays. I have been a loyal Pandagon reader for some time, now, but I've only now begun posting comments there. I don't have much time for that sort of stuff anymore, but I feel it's imperative that I join the ranks of folks who are deftly countering this crap.

Right-wingers have a childish, cartoon view of liberals in general. No mystery as to why; mega-mondo-millions of dollars have been spent carpet-bombing our society with propaganda portraying us this way. The trolls dropping their nasty little nuggets of "wisdom" at Pandagon tend to be very loftily disdainful of us poor, benighted liberals. They don't realize that they have no credibility with us because they cannot see us as we really are.

Now, I disagree with many things that Amanda, Pam and the other Pandagon writers have to say. I don't like it when they refer to my Lord and Savior as "Jeebus," and any number of those they dismiss as "Freepers" are actually pretty decent folks. That having been said, though we disagree on matters of theology, politically we're on the same page. Progressive people of faith have to learn to be more tolerant of religious diversity than do those on the Right -- and that, in my opinion, is a GOOD thing.

Conservative "Christians" content to dismiss those with ideas that trouble them, seeing them as cartoon characters instead of as real people, are merely showing that, in their claim to be Christians, they are utter frauds. It is such an insult to treat other human beings -- made, just like them, in the likeness and image of God and for whom Christ died -- like stick-figures. That they are willing to let it go at this shows that their claims to be followers of Christ are phony.

Those at Pandagon who are not Christians may or may not ever be won over to the faith, but one thing is for damned sure. The so-called Christians who go there spoiling for a fight, and who spend their time defending not real Christian faith (which is by no means being attacked by everyone in the Pandagon crowd) but rather their own, bogus little Xanadu world, have squandered the opportunity. And they will answer for it at the Throne of the very Christ in whom they so loudly claim to believe.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Me Stone Age Woman

I don't think those Geico commercials -- "So simple a cave man could do it" -- are very funny. They remind me painfully of me.

I am totally clueless when it comes to posting pictures and the like. But I want a fun blog -- really I do. So I must now endeavor to join the 21st Century and learn these basic facts of life in the Internet age.

Thanks so much, dear readers, for sticking with me as I struggle to discover fire and invent the wheel. I can't go on being an anti-techno hippie forever.

And so, onward, upward and away!

I shall soon wow you, I promise, with technologically-advanced posts. (Only please keep in mind that "technologically advanced" is a relative term...)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm Baaaaack! I Promise!

For some, this will elicit a hearty "Oh, no!" For others, it will be a "Who gives a crap?" But just maybe -- and hopefully -- a few of the folks who still check in from time to time will say "Hooray." Whatever the case, my minions, I have returned.

I have officially retired from insurance customer service, hopefully for good. This last job of mine came closer to literally sucking the life out of me than has any previous experience in my life. Although I managed to finish a novel, a two-act play, a couple of one-act plays and a Bible study during the six months I worked there, I just didn't have the energy to blog much. For that I am truly sorry. Writing is my vocation -- my calling -- and as I truly believe that blogging will constitute an important part of it, I must return to it.

Looking back over "Born on 9-11," I still think that it shows promise. I started this blog at a time when my political views were in a state of flux -- not so far as the convictions undergirding them were concerned, but on the issue of party affiliation and (for the sake of easy-labeling) what to call myself. I'm not as worried about this as I was then, which is a good thing. Because I still don't know for sure in which party (if any) I belong, and I'm not sure I can be that easily labeled.

I suppose the more accurate label is libertarian-leaning liberal. I am about as progressive as it's possible for a person to be and still be an orthodox Christian -- teetering right there on the far-left edge of orthodoxy -- but though I teeter, I hang on. Capital "L" libertarianism is too social-darwinist for my liking. No Christian -- especially a progressive one -- has any business getting tangled up with social darwinism, as it is antithetical to everything Jesus stood for. I'm once again a Democrat, but I'm just as disgusted with the Democratic Party as I was when I briefly left it.

What, you might ask, about the Greens? Very frankly, I know very little about them other than what I've heard: that they're starry-eyed dreamers, and that they play the spoiler in big elections and vote for wacky people as a protest against Democrats who act too much like Republicans (thereby electing Republicans). As there are enough starry-eyed dreamers in this world already, and voting against Democrats who act like Republicans obviously gets us nothing but more elected Republicans, that has never appealed too much to me. If I can ever corner a real-live Green long enough to get him or her to answer my questions about the party, maybe I can be converted. Cornering one may be difficult, though, as Greens are elusive little critters.

Judging from the actual Green literature I have read, conservatives misunderstand them. Far from being big-gummint lovers like the establishment Dems, the Greens sound almost as skeptical of the State as are Libertarians. The difference, it seems to me, is that Greens are even more paranoid than Libertarians, because while the latter merely fear big government, the former think big business equally dangerous.

In a close race, I'm NOT going to vote for Ralph Nader, or Donald Duck, or my dead old Great Aunt Bertha, and help some Right-Wing whackjob defeat a centrist Democrat. But if my take on the Greens is essentially correct, and they do understand that big government and big business (far from being enemies) exist in a hand-in-glove partnership that poses the real threat to our liberties, then they may be the party for me. For that, in a nutshell, is what I believe. And though my beliefs can be neatly encapsulated in a nutshell, I hardly think that makes me a nut.

We're going to have fun, folks. I've got time on my hands again (or at least a little of it). If I manage to drum up some readers, maybe I'll even take on a co-blogger or two. And who knows? Maybe we can get into as much trouble as one of my blogging heroines, the indominable Amanda Marcotte!

Bring on the trouble. Let the fun begin.